4 Tips to Avoid Heat Loss during the Cooler Months of Winter

Many people would say that winter is the best time to soak in the hot tub. And why not? When your muscles and joints feel stiff from the frigid weather, soaking in a hot tub is a welcome relief.

Winter is where we want to feel warm, so the contrasting combination of the cold air and the hot water is a match made in heaven. And while stripping down to a bathing suit makes you shiver for a while, once you step into the hot tub, it’s the most fantastic feeling in the world!

Many people would close the hot tub during the winter and wait until spring. But others prefer to use their hot tub all year round, including the colder months.

In the wintertime, you may be aware of the running costs of your hot tub due to quicker heat loss. The more heat is lost in the water, the higher the energy bills! Those who want to keep the hot tub open may find that the cost deters them from enjoying a warm soak during the winter. So, they close the hot tub and wait until spring.

But you don’t have to give up your nightly soak because of the dropping temperatures and the rising utility costs. You can still enjoy your warm soak while keeping the costs down during winter. Also, if you have a quality good spa cover, you’re off to a good start.

Invest in a quality spa cover

While a vinyl spa cover adequately does the job, it will do little to save your hot tub from the outside freezing temperatures. Instead, why don’t you switch to an aluminum one? Aluminum spa covers are built with polystyrene to keep the water from affecting the insulation value. Look for a full-foam seal to ensure that the hot air won’t escape through gaps.

Limit jet use

When you turn on the jets, the air is pushed through, bringing down your hot tub’s overall temperature. It’s a good idea to give the jets a rest to conserve heat while you soak during the winter.

Screen your hot tub

Nothing whisks away hot tub heat like the wind! If your spa is directly exposed to these elements, your hot tub will lose its heat more quickly. Plant fast-growing shrubs or climbers or install privacy screens to block the chilly winds.

Position it right

Another way to save hot tub energy is to position it in a south-facing corner or any sun-exposed corner of your home. That way, the sun heats things to keep the hot tub cover warm while melting snow and ice.

Wrap it tightly

Every hot tub comes with built-in insulation. But over years of use, the insulation wears down. Wrap your hot tub tightly in a spa blanket. And if you want, inspect the existing insulation and add a new one.

Enjoy extended hot tub relaxation when you install a Be-Lite Aluminum Spa cover! We build our covers strong enough to keep the elements away and retain the heat inside. You can even customize your cover style with the help of a template designer. Use it to guide you through the correct steps to get the perfect fit for your new cover.

Nothing, not even freezing winter temperatures, can stop you from enjoying your daily or nightly soak. As long as you consider all these five tips above, you can be guaranteed a long, warm soak throughout the winter season without worrying about rising energy costs.

When you’re ready, give our team a call at 707-864-8919 for custom-made replacement spa covers online.

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