5 Ideas to Make Your Hot Tub More Attractive

After a long and stressful day, sitting in a hot tub is a wonderful way to ease sore muscles and relieve stress. A hot tub in your own home is simply a luxurious and heavenly retreat from daily cares.

Whether you’re enjoying soaking in a hot tub alone or with friends, reading a good book, sipping a glass of champagne, or relaxing with soothing background music and aromatherapy, the possibilities are endless. However, there is so much more than you can do to maximize your hot tub experience. You may want to look at the following suggestions to make your hot tub and aluminum spa covers look more attractive and pleasing to the senses:

1.Choose the right spot for your hot tub

One of the keys to a perfect hot tub experience is choosing the best placement for it. First, make sure that there are no issues with electricity or plumbing. Also, the spot you choose should provide you with enough comfort and privacy. In this way, you can enjoy longer hours soaking in your hot tub with little distractions. 

One good suggestion is to avoid leaving all sides of your hot tubs exposed. If privacy is extremely important, you have to build a high enclosure around a freestanding hot tub or a deck where your hot tub is installed. Another is to build a gazebo-like structure (more on that later).

2. Build a hot tub gazebo

Hot tub gazebos are popular these days. A gazebo offers enclosure around the hot tub, providing the privacy you crave. It also creates an intimate and relaxing ambiance. You can add sheer curtains in the gazebo. They allow light and air, but also some more privacy at the same time. Plus, they make your hot tub gazebo more attractive.

3. Use walls to conceal

Some people do not want the sight of their hot tub from the kitchen window. To solve this, hide the hot tub behind a stone wall, or a section of a cedar fencing. 

4. Put some plants around the hot tub

Unlike an inground swimming pool, an inground hot tub doesn’t require a lot of space in your backyard. You can make your hot tub the focal point in your garden by planting foliage around it. Keep in mind that the chemicals in your hot tub water can splash out on the plants. That’s why you have to plant in a reasonable distance away from the hot tub area.

5. Enhance the area with accessories

Accessories can improve your overall hot tub experience. They should be functional as well as attractive. You can get the best of both worlds with things such as:

  • Inflatable hot tub cup holder or bar to keep food and drinks close by.
  • Colorful floating or underwater LED lamps to set the atmosphere for a night’s soak
  • Floating drink holders or bar to make snacks easy to reach.
  • Non-slip bath pillows to allow you to rest your head and neck.
  • Spa side umbrella to protect you from too much sunlight.
  • A spa cover lift which makes removing and replacing your cover a breeze.

Create a watery haven with Be-Lite Spa Covers

With the proper outplacement, landscaping and some accessories, you can turn your hot tub environment into an aquatic paradise.

When you are looking for an aluminum spa cover to protect your hot tub when not in use, then head over to Be-Lite! Our team will assist you to find the ideal right color and size for your hot tub. Want a custom fit for your hot tub? We will also help you with that! Our template designer lets you have a clear idea of what an aluminum spa cover will look like in your hot tub when it’s installed.

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