8 Tips for Safely Moving Your Hot Tub

moving your hot tubHot tubs are usually bulky, heavy, and awkwardly shaped. Occasionally, owners think of moving their hot tubs but need help figuring out where to start. 

Owners may have to move their hot tubs due to several reasons:

  • Renovation – If hot tub owners are renovating their house or backyard, they may have to move their hot tubs to a temporary location.
  • Relocation – They should take their hot tub if they move from one house to another. 

However, moving a hot tub is often challenging due to a couple of factors. First, there are the costs involved. Second, there is the risk of damaging the hot tub (or other property) while attempting to move it.

If you are facing a similar predicament, transferring a hot tub from one place to another is quite possible with proper planning. As you are organizing your transfer, take your time to purchase and install a good-quality Jacuzzi hot tub cover that will perfectly match your hot tub’s new location.

How to move your spa safely

Moving any hot tub can be challenging without help – empty hot tubs weigh between 500 and 1,000 lbs. So, recruiting reliable helpers or a professional moving company who will help you with this humongous task is essential. Whether across town or the yard, you can safely transfer your hot tub from one location to another by following the tips below:

1) Assess the new location carefully – Nothing is more frustrating than getting your hot tub to a temporary place or a new home, only to find no room for it. So, before everything else, take the necessary time to examine the available location where you plan to move your hot tub. Does it have enough space and the proper foundation? Is there room for an electrical box? Also, don’t forget to look at the path to move your hot tub. Will you cross a grassy lawn, a sloping driveway, or other landscaping hurdles? The course to the new location should be flat without landscaping features that may cause damage.

2) Check if your hot tub has a sub-panel – Certain hot tub models require sub-panels depending on their voltage. Sub-panels can get very expensive. Hiring an electrician to remove the sub-panel and safely cap the wires may save you money.

3) Talk to your dealer about wiring up the spa in its new location – Many electricians may need to help understand exactly how a hot tub needs to be wired because one wire in the wrong jumper may render it useless.

4) Inform your hot tub company about the move – It’s helpful to have your hot tub dealer know when and where they need to come in case there’s a need for repair or maintenance work. Once things are moved, you may want your hot tub company to come to make sure that everything has been set up correctly.

5) Hire a professional moving company – Take time to find reliable moving companies in your area and research each of them. Make sure that they’re licensed and insured. Once you’ve found a company you prefer, talk to them about how they will pack, lift, and move your hot tub. It’s also good to ask your hot tub dealers for moving companies they can recommend.

6) Drain your hot tub – Now you’re ready to prepare your hot tub for the big move. First, disconnect your hot tub from its power source and store the cords in a safe place – this step is vital for obvious safety reasons. Then, drain your hot tub thoroughly. Even moving your hot tub across the yard, you will still have to complete this step. Empty hot tubs are more manageable than hot tubs with water in them – when filled with water, they can weigh as much as 5,000 lbs. (about 2267.96 kg)! 

7) Remove the filters and clean them – Once you’ve completely drained your hot tub, the next step is to remove the filters and clean them out. If the filters are worn or nearing a two-year mark, you may want to go ahead and replace them.

8) Consider replacing your hot tub’s cover – You should also check your hot tub cover and consider whether it is time to replace it. As you prepare to move your hot tub, what better time to install a new, durable aluminum jacuzzi hot tub cover than now?

Enjoy your newly moved spa and protect it with an aluminum Jacuzzi cover!

Taking your beloved watery oasis with you as you move is possible. If you’re concerned that your hot tub’s new location might get too much rain or snow and ruin your spa time, it’s high time to install a sturdy aluminum cover from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers. Our hot tub covers protect your hot tub against debris, rain, snow, pets, and children while keeping the water and temperature in. If you wish to have a perfectly fitting cover, we offer a template designer to guide you through the correct steps to get the right fit for your new Jacuzzi cover.

Contact us today for a sturdy, beautiful, custom-fit jacuzzi hot tub cover by reaching out online or calling us at 707-864-8919.


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