Are Salt Water Hot Tubs Better for You?

So, you’re about to buy a new hot tub – congratulations! You will look forward to a whole new world of relaxation, enjoyment, and health benefits.

There are many other things to consider before purchasing a new hot tub – a salt water hot tub or a chlorine system. Which water purification system is better for you hot tub? Chlorine, with its bacteria-busting properties, is more commonly used not just for hot tubs, but also for swimming pools. Salt water, on the other hand, is not likely to cause irritation to the skin and eyes as chlorinated water does. No matter your choice, regular maintenance, and a durable spa cover are the keys to a hot tub’s long useful life.

Chlorine purification system

For decades, hot tub and swimming pool owners have been using chlorine to keep their water clean. Even small amounts of chlorine are added to our drinking water. Chlorine is a proven method in eliminating harmful bacteria, germs, and other microbes that contaminate spa water.

We are used to smell of chlorine in swimming pools, but why does it smell that way? When chlorine is combined with oxygen and hydrogen in water, it forms a hypochlorous acid. This acid compound effectively kills bacteria, including E. coli, salmonella, and other microbes and even viruses (such as influenza virus).

Side effects of chlorinated water:

  • Pungent, irritating odor that is similar to the odor of bleach.
  • Burning sensation in the eyes after swimming in it.
  • It can dry out your skin.

System maintenance requirements:

  • Keep an eye on pH and chlorine levels at least weekly.
  • Add more chemicals when necessary.
  • Replace treated water with untreated water. You have to do a drain and refill about every three to four months.

Salt water purification system

The term “salt water” doesn’t necessarily mean salty water, such as seawater. In fact, there is much less salt than what you find in seawater. In this purification system, chlorine is automatically generated.

Effects of salt water:

  • Salt water’s effects are natural – you don’t feel a burning sensation to your eyes, nor does it dry out your skin and hair.
  • There aren’t any strong odors.

System maintenance requirements:

  • Some systems use titanium cartridges that utilize salt for sanitation. Replace the cartridge three times a year. This maintenance is done less frequently compared to adding chlorine daily or weekly.
  • You only need to empty and refill the hot tub once a year, instead of once every three to four months with chlorinated water.
  • Titanium cartridges require little to no maintenance and are disposable. They are also easy to replace without any tools.

No matter which purification system you choose, if your hot tub isn’t covered properly or the cover is worn-out, choose a replacement cover for your spa from Be-Lite Hot Tub Covers. It will keep debris, dust, insects, germs, bacteria, and even your kids and pets out.

Besides regular cleaning and maintenance, our aluminum spa covers ensure your spa will last for many years, as long as you follow manufacturer’s suggestions. Our custom-fit covers are available in a variety of colors to fit your outdoor decor. Use our template designer for added convenience and a perfect fit to your hot tub. We love to help our customers, so feel free to give us a call at 707-864-8919 or reach out to us online.

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