Be the Perfect Host at Your Hot Tub Party!

One of the advantages of a hot tub over a swimming pool is that you can use the hot tub all year long. No matter what the weather and the season outside may be, you still can enjoy using your hot tub  whether as a relaxing “me-time” or a fabulous party with friends.

If you plan to throw a hot tub party, and have a sturdy hot tub cover, it’s expected that you have to be the perfect host. The great thing about having a pool party is that you can invite friends to share fun moments with you, in the comfort of your private space. It’s also a great opportunity to develop and nurture relationships with them.

Planning the details, buying the snacks and drinks, and setting up the sound system may seem overwhelming already. However, there’s one important thing that you should not forget – getting your hot tub ready, of course! A dirty hot tub filled with stale water is a definite turn-off to your guests, and you do not want that.

As you sit down and to make your guest list, don’t forget to keep your little aquatic paradise pristine. One of the ways to maintain your hot tub in top condition is to use a sturdy hot tub cover to protect it. Use Be-Lite Spa Covers custom aluminum covers to make sure that your hot tub is completely covered, preventing dirt, debris, rain, snow, and even kids and pets from getting in!

As host of your own hot tub party, you want everything to go smoothly and perfectly. To have a successful hot tub party, here are seven ways to prepare for it:

1. Make a list of everything you need to accomplish

There are many things to be decided on for a hot tub party the guest list, food and beverages, decorations and music. Aside from those things, you will want to make sure that your hot tub is clean and chemically balanced before the party.

2. Consider the number of guests you want to invite

Keep in mind that your hot tub can hold so many people, and not everyone will want to jump on it at the same time. So you have to keep your guest list small to maintain the intimate ambiance of your hot tub party. You don’t want to leave everyone out – you want everyone to get in the hot tub fun, only they have to take turns on it.

3. Plan entertaining and fun activities

There are times when unexpected things occur, so make sure that you have something to keep your guests entertained. People may tire of soaking after a while as well, so consider board games, game stations, charades, parlor games for adults, music, dancing, and other fun activities.

4. Plan on the menu

Finger foods are still the best way to keep your guests full enough. Light finger foods work best – light sandwiches, fruit and cheese platters, and nuts. Avoid serving heavy and greasy food items, as no one would like to get in the hot tub with a bloated feeling. It is easy to get dehydrated from soaking in the hot tub, so make sure that you have flavored sodas, juices, as well as plenty of water.

5. Impose simple guest rules

You may have to ask your guests to rinse off before getting in and out of the hot tub.

Request that they take a dip on the spa before enjoying alcohol – they should never get in a hot tub while or after drinking. Aside from speeding the process of inebriation, alcohol can also exacerbate dehydration levels that guests may already have felt from the heat of your spa. As a result, they may feel sick or faint.

To make sure that guests have an equal chance for a hot tub fun, kindly remind other guests to be mindful not to hog too much time in the hot tub.

6. Get your hot tub ready ahead of time

No one likes to jump in a dirty, murky pool. So make sure that you prepare your hot tub ahead of time by doing cleaning and maintenance. Check your hot tub water’s pH levels, as well.

7. Have extra supplies on hand

Have a couple of extra towels, bathing suits, swim trunks and bathrobes ready for guests who may have left their suits at home.

Be-Lite Hot Tub Covers Ensures a Clean Spa for a Fun Hot Tub Party!

A hot tub party is a great way to bond with your families and friends, and share good times and memories with them. To keep your watery haven in pristine condition, use customized aluminum covers from Be-Lite Hot Tub Covers. Our custom-fit pool covers are available in a wide range of colors to go with your hot tub environment. For added convenience, use our template designer to ensure that your would-be aluminum pool cover has the perfect fit. Contact our team either online or call us at 707-864-8919 to discuss your need for your unique, custom-made hot tub cover.

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