Can a Hot Tub Sit on Patio Stones?

Having a hot tub or spa at home will surely be a rewarding experience. After a long, hard day, you’ll can look forward to an evening of relaxing soaks, fun times with friends, and opportunities to strengthen the bond with the family, in the comfort of your own home.

But before the fun begins, installing a hot tub or spa entails a lot of work. First, you have to find the perfect location for your hot tub. One of the most important considerations is a sturdy foundation on which your new hot tub will be standing. Many people choose a solid concrete slab down, while others prefer to use pavers as a foundation.

Another important thing – the type of cover for your new hot tub. Why settle on a vinyl hot tub cover when you’ll get more out of your investment with sturdy custom-fitted hot tub covers? They keep the debris out, retain heat in the water, and prevent children and pets from accidentally getting in the hot tub, so you can enjoy all the steamy soak that you want.

Patio pavers can be the ideal support for hot tubs

Your new hot tub or spa might not look heavy when it sits on a showroom floor. But once it’s filled with water and the people soaking in it, there could be several thousand pounds sitting on the foundation.

That’s why when planning to install a new hot tub, you have to make sure that the concrete or pavers are solid, sturdy, and durable enough to support its weight. Here are some tips to set up your hot tub on pavers properly:

1) Choose smooth and interlocking pavers

Interlocking patio pavers are a popular choice because of their versatility. But before laying down those pavers, make sure that the foundation is flat and level. If the foundation is not level, you will not have a flat, solid layer as your base. It may result in the shells stretching and warping, causing serious damage.

2) You need a solid base underneath the pavers

The foundation can be sand, gravel, or a concrete slab. If you choose loose material like sand, you be sure to sweep it into the joints to help secure them in place.

3) If you really want an uneven paver, it’s time to get creative

Place the hot tub or spa on a level concrete slab, then place the pavers around the tub instead of underneath it. You may use this technique to harmonize the spa with your backyard landscape or a stone garden path or walkway.

There are several types of patio stones, such as durable concrete, natural stone, brick, recycled rubber, flagstone, and many others.

Congratulations on having a new spa! When it is professionally installed, you can look forward to many nights soaking alone or having fun in the hot tub with your friends. Keep the warm water bubbling and the good times rolling for many years to come when you conduct proper and regular maintenance.

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