aluminum hot tub cover

It’s Fall! Dress Up Your Hot Tub for Pumpkin Spice Season

As the leaves begin to change their color and the air becomes cool and crisp, it’s the perfect time to prepare your hot tub for the fall season. One thing you may consider doing is replacing hot tub covers along with adding fall touches to the hot tub area. Fall is also the … Continue Reading →

moving your hot tub

8 Tips for Safely Moving Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs are usually bulky, heavy, and awkwardly shaped. Occasionally, owners think of moving their hot tubs but need help figuring out where to start.  Owners may have to move their hot tubs due to several reasons: Renovation – If hot tub owners are renovating their house or backyard, they may have … Continue Reading →

Set Up for a Fun Halloween Party in the Hot Tub

Tips to Avoid Costly Hot Tub Repairs

Owning a spa or hot tub is one of life’s best luxuries. However, it’s worth the cost since you can relax, soothe, and rejuvenate anytime you want in the comfort and privacy of your home. Unfortunately, many owners make some mistakes that run the risk of expensive repairs down the road, putting … Continue Reading →

Tips to Making Your First Hot Tub Last for Years to Come

How Long Can You Stay in a Hot Tub?

A hot tub is a fantastic way to relieve stress, wind down, and relax after a long day. Using your hot tub regularly brings many benefits, from hydrotherapy to enjoying more time with friends and family. You cannot resist taking a dip once the Jacuzzi hot tub covers come off! When we enjoy doing … Continue Reading →

It's Spring! Time to Open Your Hot Tub

It’s Spring! Time to Open Your Hot Tub

Great news – spring has officially begun! You may have neglected your hot tub all winter long. Now, it’s time to open your hot tub again! You missed the joy of relaxing in it after a long, hard day. The soothing effect of the warm, bubbly water swirling around your body can … Continue Reading →

Love Is in the Air! Decorating Hot Tub Areas for a Romantic Evening

Love Is in the Air! Decorating Hot Tub Areas for a Romantic Evening

While couples express their romantic gestures to each other any time of the year, it’s on Valentine’s Day when they go “extra” in their relationship.   Many couples choose the usual candlelight dinner date. Others love to spend their Valentine’s Day with a romantic getaway to their favorite holiday destination.    And … Continue Reading →

New Year Resolution - Keep Up on Hot Tub Maintenance

New Year Resolution – Keep Up on Hot Tub Maintenance

Every the first of January, millions worldwide set out to change their lives. Popular new year’s resolutions revolve around losing weight, changing diets, dedicating more time to family, and other things to help them become better versions of themselves.   Who doesn’t want to be healthy and reconnect with their loved ones? … Continue Reading →

It's Spring! Time to Open Your Hot Tub

6 Suggestions for Using Your Hot Tub in Winter

The cold weather outside doesn’t mean you have to drain your hot tub, close it down, and put it aside for a while. Instead, soaking in bubbly hot water during the winter is highly encouraged. A hot tub is a welcome relief from the stinging cold. The crisp air can lead to … Continue Reading →

Useful Tips for Winterizing Your Spa

Useful Tips for Winterizing Your Spa

Many owners choose to keep their spas up and running all year round. After all, is there a better way to warm up on cold winter evenings than a soak in a hot tub? However, only some find stepping out of the warm water and the crisp air hitting the skin appealing. … Continue Reading →