It's Spring! Time to Open Your Hot Tub

6 Suggestions for Using Your Hot Tub in Winter

The cold weather outside doesn’t mean you have to drain your hot tub, close it down, and put it aside for a while. Instead, soaking in bubbly hot water during the winter is highly encouraged. A hot tub is a welcome relief from the stinging cold. The crisp air can lead to … Continue Reading →

Useful Tips for Winterizing Your Spa

Useful Tips for Winterizing Your Spa

Many owners choose to keep their spas up and running all year round. After all, is there a better way to warm up on cold winter evenings than a soak in a hot tub? However, only some find stepping out of the warm water and the crisp air hitting the skin appealing. … Continue Reading →

Halloween Party Ideas for Your Hot Tub Fun

Halloween Party Ideas for Your Hot Tub Fun

October is here again, so it’s time to bring out your jack-o’-lanterns, don spooky or fun costumes, and roam around the neighborhood looking for treats. What better way to make your Halloween party fun and memorable than including your hot tub? A hot tub is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some fun … Continue Reading →

How to Start a Hot Tub

How to Start a Hot Tub

New or seasoned hot tub owners are gearing up for the colder months, where they can sit back, relax, and let the swirling warm waters relieve their bodily aches.    First-time owners may hesitate to start a hot tub and ensure everything is good to go before hopping in. On the other … Continue Reading →

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Common Questions from New Hot Tub Owners

Hot tubs provide many benefits, especially for your health. They have been proven to relieve bodily aches and pains, alleviate stress, and promote a good night’s sleep. Owning a hot tub is considered a luxury. The cost of owning one doesn’t only go to the purchase but also the maintenance and upkeep. … Continue Reading →

Summer Spa Maintenance Tips for an Enjoyable Experience

Summertime can get packed with a lot of fun and exciting things. Nevertheless, nothing beats a lazy summer day. You can read a book, take a nap, or make some cold and refreshing drinks. You can also swim in the backyard pool or soak in your hot tub’s warm and bubbly waters. … Continue Reading →

When Is It Time to Replace Your Spa Cover?

Your hot tub cover is more than an appealing accessory in your home. It is an incredible luxury offering several opportunities to relax by yourself and bond with family and friends. A hot tub may be considered a luxury. It’s a must-have for anyone who craves relaxation after a long day or … Continue Reading →

How Should You Clean Your Hot Tub Cover? 

A hot tub is a perfect place to de-stress and relax after a long day. But it will serve you for many more years if you take care of it regularly.  To protect your hot tub, you should use a cover to seal it when not in use. A hot tub cover is essential … Continue Reading →

Your Hot Tub Can Be Your Year-Round Oasis

Why Should You Own a Hot Tub?

Many people consider owning a hot tub a luxury that only a few can afford. For those who think the same way, consider these facts about hot tubs: A hot tub offers much-needed relaxation after a long day. You don’t have to spend your money away on health spas because a hot … Continue Reading →

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Keep Pests Away from Your Hot Tub!

A hot tub attracts people to come over and enjoy the soothing powers and health benefits of the warm, bubbling water. Unfortunately, your hot tub may also attract unwanted bugs, rodents, and critters. Using aluminum spa covers can help keep pests at bay. In particular, rodents and insects seek out places from the … Continue Reading →