Discover Family and Fun and Games in Your Hot Tub

Family bonding is important because it helps you keep a healthy connection with your children. It also inspires a lot of fun and enjoyable activities that will bring you closer to your kids. You may be struggling to find the time to spend time with each other because of your hectic work schedule and lifestyle. But when you do take the time with your family, why not spend it to jump in the hot tub, relax, and play fun games together?

The allure of water is irresistible for the kids, as most of them love water. The addition of fun games makes your hot tub moments with your children not only fun but also memorable.

The first step in an evening of fun and meaningful bonding with your family starts with the proper maintenance of your spa. Routine maintenance includes maintaining the water’s chemical balance and making everything safe and secured with Jacuzzi hot tub covers from Be-Lite Spa Covers. Our covers, built to last, will protect your children and pets when the hot tub is not in use.

Fun games and toys that are also safe for the hot tub

There are an array of toys and games that will not only make your watery family bonding fun and enjoyable, but are also safe to play in a hot tub environment:

1) Waterproof cards – Several card games are available in waterproof versions (many of which are made of PVC material) which make playing them on the hot tub more fun! Bring out the floating table, lay all the cards top it, and let the fun begin!

2) Board games – Board games are also classic game options for the hot tub setting, and they are also available in waterproof formats. Engage your family in a game of chess or checkers and work out on your strategy while relaxing in the warm, bubbly waters.

3) Classic pool toys – Of course, there will be classic pool toys to occupy your fun hot tub hours with the family! Pool noodles, beach balls, and squirt guns are some of the popular options. Rubber ducks or boats allow their imagination to run wild.

4) Games adapted for water – Some games can be played in a watery setting, such as basketball or Tic-Tac-Toe. You can also play the “pass the ball” game accompanied by music.

5) Waterproof digital camera – Make the moments last by taking lots of pictures and record videos. Kids in particular love to take pictures and videos. Fortunately, there are reliable waterproof digital cameras available which you can use in your hot tub water fun. Remember to include a memory card with plenty of space.

6) Refreshment bar – No family hot tub fun is complete without some yummy bites and refreshing drinks. The floating spa bar is a convenient way to hold some finger food and drinks so that you won’t have to go out of the spa.

Make a fun water game night possible with Jacuzzi hot tub covers

Make lasting memories by throwing a hot tub water fun with your kids and the whole family! Your hot tub is an investment, so protect it with an aluminum hot tub cover that is durable, reliable, and can last for a long time. Unlike other hot tub spa covers, Be-Lite Spa Covers are made of aluminum, which means it can hold the weight of children and pets, and even snow. We make customized covers to fit your spa and the surrounding environment – with colors to go with your décor. We encourage you to use our template designer so that you can find the perfect fit for your hot tub.

Contact the Be-Lite Spa Covers team for custom-made Jacuzzi hot tub covers online or by calling us at 707-864-8919.

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