Five Common Questions about Hot Tubs could a better way to relax at the end of a busy weekday than to soak in a tub of warm jets of water?

But to experience the most enjoyment out of your hot tub, you should always put safety as a top priority when you use it, as with all other things.

Some certain questions might have probably crossed your mind when it comes to hot tub safety, such as, “Should a pregnant woman use a spa?” or “If you have a rash, should you avoid using a hot tub?” Be-Lite Spa Covers wants to make sure that you get the best experience and fun from your private watery paradise while staying safe.

Five Common Questions Asked about Hot Tubs:

1) “Is a hot tub safe for kids?”
It depends on their age. Infants and toddlers should never be allowed to soak in a hot tub. Younger children can be in the hot tub, if they can stand on the bottom and have their heads remain completely out of the water. Older children who are big enough are also allowed in the hot tub. However, they should never stay there for more than five minutes at a time, especially if the water’s temperature reaches its peak of 104 degrees. Never leave your children alone in the hot tub.

2) “Is a hot tub safe for pregnant women?”
You may have an aching back and other common body pains when you’re pregnant, which makes you crave for a soothing soak of warm water.

However, be warned! It is NOT generally safe for expectant mothers to soak in a hot tub. During pregnancy, your core body temperature must not rise above 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees Celsius). If you soak in a hot tub for 10 to 20 minutes, your core body temperature will rise, which can be dangerous for your baby.

3) “Is a hot tub safe for seniors?”
Soaking in a hot tub may be beneficial for seniors under ideal conditions. But before you immerse yourself in the warm water, it is always imperative to consult your physician first. If you can use the hot tub, always make sure that the temperature is not too high. And, always use a safety rail when getting in and out of the hot tub.

For some elderly people who are suffering from diabetes, heart problems, or hypertension, it may be better to stay out of the water.

4) “Is it okay to use the hot tub if I have wounds or rashes?”
Bacteria and germs love the warm water, which helps them to thrive and spread. If the hot tub is not cleaned and maintained properly, bacteria growth can spread faster. So it’s probably better for you to stay out of the water if you have wounds, rashes, open sores, and other skin infections until things clear up. Don’t forget to consult your doctor, too.

5) “Will soaking in a hot tub help my cold?”
Soaking in a hot tub may help relieve some symptoms of a cold. It can increase your body temperature that can help boost your immune system and inhibit the cold virus in your nose from spreading.

Protect your investment with a hot tub cover

A hot tub is a place where you and your family can relax and enjoy. However, there are times and situations where you had to stay out of the water. Asking the right questions about hot tub covers will keep you and your family protected while getting the most enjoyment from your watery oasis.

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