Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas

Is anything more relaxing after a long, hard day than a soak in a hot tub? The hot water and jets help those strained and stressed muscles melt the tension after only a few minutes. Only when you get to the hot tub, a nosy neighbor is peeking at you through their window (and worse, inviting themselves over!). Or the extreme heat from the sun or the cold air may get in the way of your hot tub enjoyment. It’s time to remove the hot tub cover so you can enjoy relaxing in your hot tub.

To fully enjoy your hot tub without the adverse weather effects and the prying eyes of your neighbors, you need protection and privacy. So, how can you make your hot tub private? Hot tubs are usually located on the deck, patio, or ground level. There are many ways to put up an enclosure. Some options will give you enough privacy and protection, so no one from your neighborhood is tempted to pay you an unwelcome visit when you pull off the hot tub cover and get ready to soak and relax.

Hot tubs are considered luxury themselves, and the idea of investing in an enclosure is something that you might not need, but consider the benefits:

  • Privacy
  • Protection from the weather elements
  • Protection from animals and insects
  • Added aesthetic appeal
  • Increase in property value

Six types of hot tub enclosures

Many hot tub enclosure options will cater to your needs and goals. Check out the following six suggestions to get you started towards enjoying quiet evenings in your hot tub:

  • Pergolas – Pergolas are popular for decks and patios covering overall things outdoor. The rafters provide adequate protection from the sun’s rays. They also help keep most leaves and vegetation out of the water when your hot tub cover is off. You can add reeds or palm leaves, bamboo, lattice panels, fabric, a canopy, curtains, or live foliage to your pergola for more shade, protection, and privacy. You can even design them with Greek, Egyptian, or Oriental architectural flair.
  • Sun screens – The sun might be a little too harsh at times. If your hot tub is exposed directly to the sun, it can heat up too fast, making it a bit uncomfortable. Use a sun screen to keep off the worst of the sunshine and provide additional protection and privacy, making your hot tub soak more comfortable and worry-free.
  • Seasonal solarium – A solarium is another excellent way to enjoy views but remain protected from the elements. Made entirely of glass, you can install one for the cooler seasons and remove it for the warmer ones, giving you more flexibility compared to the other options.
  • Water well look – If you’re feeling somewhat whimsical, you can create a “wishing well” with the hot tub as a base. The roof protects you and your hot tub from the sun and rain, while the sides can be enclosed for those times when the cold draft of air may undermine the comfort and enjoyment of your hot tub experience.
  • Curtains – Curtains are some of the simplest and inexpensive methods of blocking out unwanted attention. You may drape them through some of your pergola’s rafters or find other interesting ways to hang them to create a luxurious and dramatic effect.
  • Semi-enclosed – Sometimes, you only need a little bit of protection, either from your neighbor’s prying eyes or from directional weather. If that’s the case, consider going for a semi-enclosed. Use a pergola and strategically place a couple of walls while leaving the other sides of the pergola open.

Before making the permanent decision, make sure to weigh both pros and cons of each option before deciding the one that will best suit your hot tub environment. Enclosures provide the privacy you need, plus protection from the other elements. And speaking of protection, a sturdy metal cover from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers will further safeguard your hot tub from evaporation, dirt, debris, pets, and children when not in use. We have a large choice of designer colors to set off your watery haven.

It is easy to get the right size by talking to one of our spa cover specialists. They will walk you through all you need to do to get a custom fit. You can even use our template designer for your convenience.

Contact our team today for your special, custom-made aluminum hot tub cover online, or call us at 707-864-8919.

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