Hot Tub Maintenance Teaches Valuable Lessons to Your Children – Family Bonding Tips

Nothing compares to the feeling of soaking yourself into a hot tub after a long, stressful day of activity. The strong jets of the warm water soothe your tired, tense body, and within minutes all your worries melt away.

A hot tub is usually seen as a pleasurable adult activity. However, children are also attracted to the bubbly, soothing streams of warm water. Kids might see the hot tub as a fun place to splash and play some water games. At the same time, though, a hot tub can also be used as a tool to impart valuable lessons such as the importance of being responsible to their own possessions. These include taking care of an investment properly such as a hot tub – cleaning it, balancing the water’s chemical levels and general maintenance.

Children’s small bodies cannot cope with water that’s too hot for them – and otherwise tolerable for adults. A hot tub can be a fun family activity if the temperatures are adjusted to “kids-safe” levels. And since a hot tub is considered a family luxury, it is only proper that the entire family should be involved in taking care of it.

As a parent or a guardian, you should take advantage of your kids’ energy and youthful enthusiasm by inviting them to help you on the regularly scheduled maintenance of your hot tub. Once you are done, it’s time once again to hop into the hot tub and enjoy the warm bubbles. You can protect the investment you made by getting an aluminum spa cover by Be-Lite Spa Covers.

Encouraging responsibility during regular maintenance

To make cleaning and maintenance less of a chore, parents should delegate certain tasks to their children. Delegation is valuable as it teaches children responsibility. If you need to engage your kids in maintaining your hot tub, consider the following suggestions:

  • Cleaning the hot tub – You can designate each of your children some cleaning and maintenance tasks. For instance, one child is tasked to use the water vac to clean the debris from the bottom of the tub, while another is assigned to fill the hot tub with a garden hose (if needed).
  • Testing the water – Kids are naturally curious beings, so take advantage of their curiosity by letting them to use testing strips and the watch the color change by their own eyes. If the water is indeed in need of chemical treatments, let them participate in the sanitizing and balancing the water’s chemical levels. Remind them that without the proper chemical treatments, the hot tub water can become too cloudy, cause irritation or even become a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Hot tub cover maintenance – Your kids can help in cleaning the hot tub cover together. Set up a fun game by dividing the hot tub cover’s total area down the middle and start a contest to see who can wash down their sides the fastest and the cleanest. Include prizes too, as an incentive! If your cover needs to be replaced, choose the durability of an aluminum cover from Be-Lite Spa Covers.

After the regular cleanup and maintenance, show your children the fruits of their efforts by planning a family celebration in the hot tub. Grab some snacks and drinks, play fun music and bond together as you enjoy soaking in the warm bubbles.

The hot tub is the perfect place for the family to bond together and make great memories. So, make a hot tub maintenance a family affair! If you are tired of cleaning and repairing of your worn-out vinyl cover, protect your investment with an aluminum hot tub cover from Be-Lite Spa Covers. We have a large choice of designer colors to suit your personal tastes.

If you are looking for the perfect cover size for your hot tub, do not hesitate to talk to our spa cover specialists, and we will walk you through all that you need to get a custom fit. You can even use our template designed for your convenience.

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