How Does a Hot Tub Cover Lift Work? Why Do You Need One?

Nothing beats spending your evening at home, soaking in your hot tub. With the jets of warm water that massage your tired body and the soft music the soothes your senses, they make a perfect recipe to relieve stress from your body after a hectic day.

However, preparing your hot tub can be frustrating especially when you must struggle with a flimsy old vinyl cover. That is the last thing that you want to do after coming home from a stressful day at the office, right?

A custom hot tub cover with a lift will be a solution to all your problems! It will certainly ease the physical burden that it takes to pull a hot tub cover off. Be-Lite Spa Covers offers the best solutions to protect your hot tub and spa, and we are ready anytime when you need help in finding the best option for your hot tub and spa. Our covers are strong, durable and resistant to any kinds of external elements.

What is a cover lift and how does it work?

1. The cover lift is usually mounted at the edge of the hot tub or to the deck. This offers stability as you raise and lower it. With a cover lift, you do not have to worry about wobbling.

2. A cover lift features dual gas springs which allow you to lift the cover more easily and effortlessly.

3. A cover lift also has a locking feature which keeps the cover in place while you’re using the hot tub.

4. A cover lift also doubles as a privacy wall. Once it is lifted, it also functions as a temporary privacy wall as you are enjoying your soak in the hot tub.

Why you should use a cover lift?

A cover lift will be a good and wise investment. It protects your hot tub or spa from falling leaves, twigs, critters and other debris. It also offers security because it protects your kids and pets from entering the hot tub. It also helps in saving energy through reduced usage of electrical and mechanical water heating and prevents water evaporation.

A cover lift also reduces the physical effort that it takes to open and close a hot tub or spa. It will save your back from the lifting and twisting during removal. You can reap the greatest number of benefits especially if you purchase a custom hot tub cover.

A cover lift allows for more enjoyable hot tub nights and less pain on your back. With Be-Lite Spa Covers, you will get the best out of your hot tub or spa. Our strong, durable aluminum custom hot tub covers will not just be a great accessory, they will also be an essential tool to keep your hot tub or spa in near-perfect condition.

Be-Lite Spa Covers offers a variety of beautiful designs that will complement your hot tub and its surrounding environment. Our team of specialists will help you find the right cover size for your hot tub, and even walk you through the proper steps for a custom fit. For your additional convenience, we provide a template designer to help you visualize what a cover design would look like once it’s installed to your hot tub.

Contact our team today for your unique, custom made, aluminum replacement hot tub covers online or call us at 707-864-8919.



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