How Should You Clean Your Hot Tub Cover? 

A hot tub is a perfect place to de-stress and relax after a long day. But it will serve you for many more years if you take care of it regularly. 

To protect your hot tub, you should use a cover to seal it when not in use. A hot tub cover is essential to the longevity of your hot tub. It keeps out dirt and debris, protects your hot tub from evaporation, maintains the right balance of chemicals in the water, and protects kids and pets from accidents, among other benefits.

It’s best to invest in a good hot tub cover. But no matter how premium your cover is, it won’t protect your hot tub for long if you don’t take care of it. Cleaning your hot tub cover every one to three months is an excellent way to preserve it to protect your watery oasis for more years to come. 

Cleaning your hot tub cover will not protect it from wear and tear but will also prevent damage from the water’s chemicals and the presence of mold.

Clean Your Spa Cover Effectively with These 5 Steps

Step 1:

Remove the hot tub cover and look for a flat surface to lay it on. Ideally, place the cover on a patch of grass. Avoid laying it on cement or patio stones. It would be good to put your cover near the garden hose, if possible, to make the cleaning process a lot easier.

Step 2:

Use the garden hose to spray the underside of your cover – this side is in closer contact with chemicals used to balance the water’s pH levels. Rinse the cover gently to remove chemical residue. Wipe your cover down, dry it, and flip it over.

Step 3:

Next, clean the outer side of the cover by spraying it with a vinyl cleaner recommended by the hot tub cover manufacturer or a homemade solution of mild vinegar and water. Please don’t use bleach, alcohol, or household detergents, as they can strip away your cover’s UV protectant. Use a clean cloth or soft-bristled brush to scrub away dirt and grime in circular motions gently. Be sure to work small sections at a time.

Step 4:

Once you’re done scrubbing, rinse the top side of the cover thoroughly to eliminate all traces of the cleanser. Use a clean, absorbent rag, towel, or microfiber cloth to wipe the cover down. Leave it open to dry.

Step 5:

Once the cover is completely dry, spray an adequate amount of quality UV protectant across the entire surface of the outer cover. Let the cover dry. Once dried, put the cover back on your hot tub. 

The UV spray will provide adequate protection from the sun’s damaging rays, preventing your hot tub cover from drying or cracking. 

Bonus tips:

Inspect your hot tub cover regularly for any signs of damage, such as small cracks, and have it repaired right away. Even the tiniest cracks and tears can leave the cover’s inner foam exposed, causing it to absorb moisture from the rain. If left unattended, your cover will eventually become water-logged, making it too heavy to lift and a sure haven for bacteria and mold.

Also, keep your water clean – it will cut down on the chemical residue that comes in contact with the cover.

Consider the other steps to help you in your hot tub maintenance:

  • Check your hot tub each time you adjust chemicals in the water.
  • Let the cover stay off the hot tub for at least 20 to 30 minutes after adding chemicals to the water.
  • Remove the cover and let it air once or twice a week. Doing so will allow moisture to escape, prevent foul odors, and keep your cover in good condition.

You Can Protect Your Spa by Using an Aluminum Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover will help keep your spa ready to use. Cleaning and maintaining your cover will allow it to protect your water oasis much longer, which means more opportunities for soaking, relaxation, and fun.

Make cleaning more manageable with Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers. Our covers are sturdy enough to withstand snow, pets, and kids while keeping dirt and debris out. When you take good care of your hot tub, know our top-quality covers will protect it. You can get the perfect fit when using our template designer, which guides you through the correct steps. Give us a call with any questions. We love to help!

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