How to Choose the Best Cover for Your Hot Tub Jacuzzi

Hot tubs are perfect companions for every home. They provide health benefits as well as relaxation and fun – as long as you are using it correctly. There’s nothing better to release your bodily and mental tension than soaking in warm water after a long, hard day.

A Jacuzzi cover is more than a mere accessory – it is an essential item! The covers promote hot tub jacuzzi or spa benefits by protecting it from dirt and debris, insulating it, preventing evaporation, and keeping children, pets, and wildlife out.

In short, covers protect your investment, so you might as well take care of your investment with another investment. Because of the importance of having a quality cover, it pays to have an informed and educated decision.

Things to consider when picking out a new cover

Online shopping is easy and convenient, but it also makes us lazy. Besides, there is still nothing like checking out the items you are interested in personally. Unless you can visit your local shop, do your research before you settle on a spa cover that appears at the top of your search. Not all online results are reliable, so make sure that you are looking at a website that doesn’t merely promote their products. Look at different sources and gather various opinions about the cover you’re considering.

Also, don’t purchase based on price alone. Remember, your hot tub is an investment, and you need to protect it. Here are some helpful tips when shopping for a new cover:

1) Shape and size – a cover must fit exactly to the size of your hot tub jacuzzi. An ill-fitting cover will do little to protect your spa from debris or keep the water warm. Make sure to measure your tub correctly and include any add-on features such as speakers or waterfalls. You want a perfect fit for your hot tub to provide as much protection and safety as possible.

2) Foam thickness and density – Most hot tub covers available are tapered to deal with rain, snow, ice, and other debris. But don’t forget to consider the foam’s thickness when you’re purchasing a hot tub or jacuzzi cover. Thicker covers can hold more weight and offer better insulation. If you live in colder areas where there is frequent snowfall, a denser foam cover will be beneficial.

3) Think about safety – A hot tub that is left open is an instant danger zone, especially for curious children and pets! In this case, you should consider the sturdier option of aluminum spa cover from Be-Lite. Our products hold up under the weight of rain, snow, and yes, even pets and children.

4) Cover lift – You should also give your back a break while attempting to remove or put it back on. A cover lift helps make the work a lot easier and more comfortable. It also allows you more time to enjoy soaking in your hot tub.

Choose the best, choose Be-Lite Spa Covers

Cheap hot tub covers may save you money – but not in the long run! They do not last, and soon you will find out that your hot tub is working less efficiently because it is not adequately protected. You may end up buying another hot tub cover, anyway.

A custom-fit aluminum spa cover from Be-Lite is one of the best investments you can make. It saves you from the frustration that you would experience with the wrong type of hot tub cover. It will keep your hot tub clean, prevent water and chemicals from evaporating, and provide significant energy savings. It will also give you the peace of mind that your family is protected from potential accidents caused by a cheap but inferior cover.

Do you need a quality cover to go with your hot tub? We are happy to help you choose the right cover – we even make the perfect color and design for your hot tub. For added convenience, use our template designer to take the correct steps for your custom fit.

Call us at 707-864-8919 or contact our team online to discuss your need for custom-made Jacuzzi covers today.

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