How to Exercise in a Spa

I Can’t Swim! Can I Still Exercise in a Spa?

Having a hot tub at home is considered a luxury by many. Hot tub owners never need to go to public spas and instead go straight to their homes for a warm water relaxation in the comfort and privacy of their homes.

You may not know that a hot tub offers many benefits. Owners can use their watery backyard oasis anytime they want, whether for relaxation or hosting parties with friends.

But is it possible to use a hot tub for exercise? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” If you want to start a water exercise but cannot swim or own a swimming pool, you can begin your fitness journey in your hot tub.

With the help of your hot tub, you will be able to reach your health and fitness goals with less risk of injury and more comfort. The water in the hot tub offers resistance and comfortably warm temperature. The healing environment of the hot tub makes it the perfect place for stretching your muscles and alleviating stress on your joints without releasing myoglobin into your bloodstream. Myoglobin is a protein associated with muscle injury and is released by your body during strenuous exercise.

Since hot tub exercises are relatively low intensity, it’s less likely that you’re going to suffer sore muscles. Also, there’s no need for other tools, except perhaps for an inflated ball.

When you finish with your workout routine, don’t forget to protect your watery oasis – and well, your newfound partner for health and fitness – with an aluminum Jacuzzi cover.

Take advantage of a hot tub’s health benefits by trying the following exercises:

  1. Jogging or walking in place – Move from one side to the other of the basin in a walking or jogging manner.
  2. Ball pushes – With your body submerged up to your neck, hold an inflatable ball straight out in front of you. Then push it down into the water and to your legs. The goal of this exercise is to tone your arms and keep them as straight as possible.
  3. Flutter kicks – It’s time for a bit of cardio! Face the side of the hot tub, Grab hold of the wall and allow your legs and your body to float. Begin kicking your legs like you’re swimming!
  4. Seated cycling – Settle yourself on the hot tub seat, put your legs out in front of you, and start moving as if you’re pedaling a bicycle.
  5. Jumping jacks – Start by standing with feet close together and arms to your sides. Then raise your arms above your head and move your legs out at the same time. Return to the start position and jump again.

Water workouts become more accessible and more fun when you get your spa to work for you. Tone your muscles and keep your joints healthy as you reap the benefits of your water exercise from your hot tub.

After your workout, don’t forget to protect your watery oasis with a custom-built hot tub cover from Be-Lite Aluminum Spas. We build durable and reliable covers to keep pets, kids, and debris out while keeping water and heat in. Check out our template designer to guide you through the correct steps to ensure a custom fit for your new hot tub cover.

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