How to Prepare Your Spa for Spring Fun

How to Prepare Your Spa for Spring FunAnytime is a great time for spa fun, although many will tell you that spring is the best time of the year to use your spa. The colder temperatures will soon be gone as the air becomes a little warmer (but still mild), and the sky is blue during the daytime; at nighttime, the sky is full of stars.

While spring signals new and fresh beginnings, spring also means it’s cleaning season once again. The list of “things to do” is endless: dragging our old stuff from our closets, emptying and cleaning our garages, washing all the beddings, doing vast amounts of yardwork, and storing all the wintertime clothes, items, and decorations.

Amidst all the tedious cleaning work, you probably feel a little more excited to open your spa once again (that is, if you had it closed for the entire winter). You miss soaking in the warm, bubbly waters that sooth your cold, sore muscles and promote relaxation. To open your spa properly, a deep cleaning is in order – from basin, to filters, to hot tube covers. Springtime is a great time to give your watery oasis some love and care – and it will give you the same things in return once you hop into it again.

For the new season, give your spa added protection by replacing your old, worn-out spa covers with a new one from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers. Our covers are unmatched in performance and safety while keeping your watery oasis in pristine shape. When you keep up a regular maintenance to your hot tub and give it an adequate protection, you will be able to enjoy more fun and relaxing moments with it.

Six steps to start your hot tub season properly

Whether you’re using your spa the whole year round or you shut your spa during the winter, following these steps below will ensure a clean and functioning spa:

1) Start with a good pipe flush – the first step is to flush the basin out to clean out any unwanted build-up in your pipes. Ideally, use a spa system flush. Before filling the basin with fresh water, scrub it down with a proper cleaner recommended by your manufacturer.

2) Check the equipment and inspect the inside of your hot tub – Inspect the equipment area of your spa. If you shut your spa during the winter, reconnect the plumbing the connects the pump and heater to see if there are signs of leaks or rust. If you ignore the leak, the water seep into the motor and damage it. Check out the filters, too; if they are fraying or falling apart, it’s time to replace them. You will also want to inspect the insulation inside your hot tub for any signs of bugs, mice, or mold, by taking off the side panels.

3) Clean your hot tub’s surrounding area – Make sure that the area surrounding your hot tub is kept clean. It’s also a good idea to pull out weeds, and trim overgrown shrubbery and trees that may leave debris on your hot tub. Make sure the path is clear, too. Now is also a great time to scrub and clean the siding of your spa, as well.

4) Give your spa cover some care – If you want your spa cover to last for many years, you should be cleaning it regularly. When you buy Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers, you’ll find that it is easy to maintain – just wash it with mild detergent and water, rinse it thoroughly, and apply some mild, non-abrasive protectant to prevent it from fading.

5) Turn on your spa – Once you’re done cleaning and refilling your spa, it’s time to turn it on. Once the spa’s power is turned on, inspect it to make sure that all the components are working as they should, such as the buttons on the topside control panels, jets, and the ozonator.

6) Treat your water – After refilling your spa, you need to test the water before adjusting its chemical balance.

To test the water, do the following steps:

  • Test the water’s pH and alkalinity and adjust as needed.
  • Test the hardness and adjust as needed.
  • Add clarifiers when needed (to clear up cloudy water, to increase the performance of your hot tub’s filter, and maintain the water’s pH balance).
  • Shock the water, then add sanitizer.

Start off the spring season with an enjoyable soak in your spa. But first, make sure that you have cleaned your hot tub (and its cover) to ensure longer hours of hot tub fun.

As you’re cleaning and getting your spa ready for the springtime soak, it’s also time that you should replace your old, battered hot tub cover with a new one from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers. Our cover is like none other and will give you many years of durability and protection. We offer a variety of useful and attractive options for your warm water haven. You can even match it with your outdoor décor. Our team of cover specialists will work with you to find the right size and walk you through the steps for a custom fit. We even provide a template designer for added convenience.

If you would like to discuss your custom-made hot tub cover needs, reach out online or by calling us at 707-864-8919.

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