How to Start a Hot Tub

How to Start a Hot TubNew or seasoned hot tub owners are gearing up for the colder months, where they can sit back, relax, and let the swirling warm waters relieve their bodily aches. 


First-time owners may hesitate to start a hot tub and ensure everything is good to go before hopping in. On the other hand, seasoned owners may feel tempted to skip specific steps they deem unnecessary.


Whether you’re a first-time or long-time spa owner, it’s time to pull off the custom-fit aluminum Jacuzzi covers and start (or restart) your hot tub right. Follow a few simple steps, and you will be basking in a warm, bubbly water haven in no time.


12 steps to starting or restarting your hot tub


Step 1: Rinse and drain

The first step is to rinse and drain your hot tub. Various requirements depend on whether your hot tub is new or has already been in use for a while. The new owners must first flush out the little antifreeze used in the plumbing by the manufacturer. Start by filling the footwell with water, where you place your feet. Next, you must drain it. For owners of the current hot tub, you will have to drain and refill your hot tub, then use a good jet and drain cleaner to get rid of the used water. Be sure that you drain all the dirty water – this is very important.


Step 2: Turn off your hot tub’s power source

Once you have rinsed and drained your hot tub, shut off all its power, including the main breaker. Don’t take chances, as you will proceed to the next step.


Step 3: Clean the basin

Clean the empty basin. For the new hot tub owners, use a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth to clean the surfaces where water may come into contact. Rinse your hot tub thoroughly to ensure the water won’t form a foam later.


For the current hot tub owners, drain the stagnant water from your hot tub. Next, do a deep cleaning of the tub’s jets and drains following the first step.


Step 4: Install or clean your filters

For the new spa owners, install the filter(s) provided into the filter well. Your hot tub might have only one filter, so buy as many filters as you need.


For the current spa owners, remove the old filters. Next, inspect and clean them by spraying them with the filter cleaner. You can also soak the filters overnight with a chemical solution to remove all the dirt. 


Once your filters are clean, recheck them to see if they need to be replaced.


Step 5: Fill your hot tub

Now that your hot tub is clean, you can fill it with fresh water. Use a hose filter to ensure that the new water is free from impurities (like metals, calcium, and other minerals) that may cause damage to your hot tub. Check your spa’s water levels – they should stop about an inch below the headrests while rising above the jets. Avoid overfilling your hot tub.


Step 6: Prime the pump

Next, you should prime the pump on your hot tub, which helps get the air out of its lines to minimize other issues. Refer to your hot tub’s manual before proceeding.


Step 7: Add the start-up chemicals

Once you have primed the pump, add the start-up chemicals to your hot tub. However, wait until the water has reached 80 degrees Fahrenheit (or 30 degrees Celsius) before proceeding with this step. Once the water reaches the ideal temperature, add the chemicals.


Step 8: Run the pump

Turn on the pump and run it at a “High” speed for at least 10 minutes. This step will allow the even distribution of the chemicals you’ve just added.


Step 9: Test the water

Test the water’s chemistry to ensure it is balanced and safe. If you don’t bother to test the water, you could risk damaging your hot tub, irritating your skin, nose, and eyes, or allowing bacteria to grow.


Step 10: Set your water temperature

You can set your water’s temperature as warm as you would like, but remember not to set the temperature above 104 degrees Fahrenheit (above 40 degrees Celsius). It’s way too hot and could burn your skin.


Step 11: Cover your hot tub

Allow the water to circulate for about 10 minutes. Next, cover the hot tub with your aluminum Jacuzzi cover and leave it closed for around 24 hours. This step prevents the water and its chemicals from evaporating, helps the temperature rise, and retains warmth.


Step 12: Test the water again

Once the water has “rested” and stabilized, the chemicals could be below the required amount. You may have to test the water’s chemicals and adjust as needed.


With regular maintenance, you can enjoy your hot tub as much as you like, while protecting it with an aluminum Jacuzzi cover will allow you to enjoy it even longer! Be-Lite Aluminum Spa covers are durable and keep debris, pets, kids, and other elements out and water, chemicals, and heat in the hot tub. We offer custom-fitted covers that will suit beautifully to your home or landscape. Try our template designer that guides you through the steps for a custom fit. Call us! We’re happy to help.


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