It’s Spring! Time to Open Your Hot Tub

It's Spring! Time to Open Your Hot TubGreat news – spring has officially begun! You may have neglected your hot tub all winter long.

Now, it’s time to open your hot tub again! You missed the joy of relaxing in it after a long, hard day. The soothing effect of the warm, bubbly water swirling around your body can relieve your physical, mental, and emotional stress.

Pull out your hot tub, dust it off, open it, and get it ready for another new season of soaking fun and relaxation. If you sealed your hot tub with a sturdy aluminum spa cover, it means you winterized your hot tub properly. You’ll only need a bit more preparation to prepare your hot tub for the springtime soak.

Five simple steps to get the soaking season started

Whether you’re a long-time hot tub user needing a refresher course on spa maintenance or a first-time hot tub owner, read on! Here you’ll find five simple steps to get your water oasis in tip-top shape for spring:

Clean your hot tub

Start by taking off your aluminum cover. Then, wipe down the basin’s interior and exterior using only the manufacturer’s recommended cleaners.

If your hot tub has an acrylic wood or wooden cabinet, you may also want to wipe down the planks. Instead of stains or sealers, use linseed oil as a cleaning agent. Keep any of those chemicals away from the basin so they won’t interfere with your hot tub’s pH balance later. It is good not to forget to wipe down your spa cover, too.

Inspect your hot tub.

After cleaning and wiping down your hot tub:

  1. Open its equipment access panel and search for cracks, leaks, or any visible signs of damage.
  2. Don’t forget to check out the electrical wires for signs of pest damage. While checking your hot tub, you may want to replace the drain plugs and ensure the drain spigot s closed.
  3. Take time to examine the lights, jets, and drain covers inside your spa to ensure they are securely attached.

Fill your hot tub.

After cleaning your hot tub, checking it, and making necessary repairs, it’s time to fill the basin. Get a garden hose, place it into the basin, and turn on the faucet. Watch over your basin to make sure it doesn’t overfill with water. Take the opportunity to check and replace filters to eliminate metals, minerals, contaminants, and odor.

Start the jets.

Once the filters are in place and the basin is filled with enough water, it’s time to get the jets running! Turn on your hot tub’s circulation pump. It’s an excellent time to test all your hot tub’s features, including the lights, heater, blower, and waterfall. Set the temperature for the water, as well.

Treat the water with appropriate chemicals.

Once you’ve filled your hot tub with water, started the jets, and set the water’s temperature, it’s time to treat your water with chemicals properly.

Ensure that the water chemicals you’ll be using are recommended only by the hot tub’s manufacturer. Then, work to ensure the water has the correct pH balance.

You may want to shock the water, as well. It will help break down debris (such as dead skin and hair) and clean out organic contaminants. Treating the water regularly will help eliminate the odor and prevent the water from getting cloudy. Use chlorine or non-chlorine treatment shock treatments to maintain the water’s clarity and overall high quality.

Keep your water haven clean and fresh with an aluminum spa cover.

A reliable cover will maintain the cleanliness and freshness of the water, even when your hot tub is not in use. To keep the water clean and always ready for use no matter the season, choose Be-Lite aluminum spa covers!

Our covers are strong and durable. They seal entirely to keep the water, heat, and chemicals in a while keeping debris, playful kids, pets, and stray animals out.

We make building your customized cover easier with our template designer. It guides you through the correct steps. We love helping our customers find the right design, so contact us with your questions.

Contact our team today for beautiful, sturdy, custom-fit aluminum spa covers online, or call us at 707-864-8919.

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