Keep Pests Away from Your Hot Tub!

A hot tub attracts people to come over and enjoy the soothing powers and health benefits of the warm, bubbling water. Unfortunately, your hot tub may also attract unwanted bugs, rodents, and critters. Using aluminum spa covers can help keep pests at bay.

In particular, rodents and insects seek out places from the freezing air during the cold winter months. They will look for the warmest area, which might also mean your hot tub cabinet. After all, your hot tub – the water, pump, and the insulation within – can become a convenient place for them to keep themselves warm and build nests. Mice, in particular, love to nibble and will make your hot tub’s wiring their target. Snakes – which are attracted to the rodents – may even take up residence in your hot tub area!

You can use these tricks and tips to help keep all kinds of pests away from your water oasis:

  1. Conduct a regular inspection – Inspect your hot tub for any evidence of gnawing on the foam, wood cracks, and droppings. It is also good to check your hot tub for leaks. Moisture attracts certain insects and other animals. Get any cracks, holes, and leaks fixed immediately.
  2. Keep your water’s quality well maintained – You should keep an eye on your water’s pH balance. Properly treated water is pleasant to human bathers, but not for the critters, such as frogs and other reptiles and amphibians. Test your water consistently to ensure it’s clean, clear, and free of pests. Treat your water with chemicals as often as needed.
  3. Don’t leave food around the hot tub – Food and drinks overflow at hot tub parties. But while eating and drinking add to the hot tub party fun, they also cause spills and crumbs that can attract ants, rodents, and raccoons. The more food you leave near or around your hot tub, the more you invite pests to make it their new home. Keep your hot tub area free of crumbs, food, and trash. In addition, avoid feeding pets or placing pet food dishes anywhere near or around the area, even if it’s indoors. Even putting a bird feeder near the spa can also attract vermin.
  4. Get rid of rodents and pests – If you find a nest near the hot tub area, get rid of its occupants as soon as possible. Calling a pest control company will take care of everything so that you can get back to enjoying your watery haven once again.
  5. Use your hot spa regularly – You installed a hot tub to enjoy, so make good use of it. Some critters will stay away if you use them regularly.
  6. Replace a vinyl cover with an aluminum cover – Spa covers are your first line of defense. But vinyl covers aren’t enough to protect your hot tub from getting invaded by unwanted guests. Vinyl spa covers tend to rip and tear – mice can even gnaw their way into the hot tub with such a flimsy cover. Aluminum covers are durable and can stand up to debris, snow, kids, pets, and pests. They also cover your basin tightly, keeping pests at bay and out of the water keeping it cleaner. Aluminum covers last longer, which means more value for your money.

Hot tubs look like an attractive place for rodents and insects but don’t let these critters make your spa their new home. Remember, prevention is always better and cheaper than paying for repairs! Install a new aluminum hot tub cover to thwart those invaders as part of your preventative measure. Keep insects and rodents out of your watery oasis by using our template designer to get the perfect fit! The template designer guides you through the correct steps to ensure a customized fit. If you want a specific color for your aluminum spa cover, we will help you with that, too!

Our team is ready to help you with your need for sturdy aluminum spa covers. Contact them online, or call us at 707-864-8919.

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