Love Is in the Air! Decorating Hot Tub Areas for a Romantic Evening

Love Is in the Air! Decorating Hot Tub Areas for a Romantic EveningWhile couples express their romantic gestures to each other any time of the year, it’s on Valentine’s Day when they go “extra” in their relationship.


Many couples choose the usual candlelight dinner date. Others love to spend their Valentine’s Day with a romantic getaway to their favorite holiday destination. 


And there are some couples who prefer to plan their Valentine’s Day quietly at the privacy of their homes. If your home has a hot tub, it’s an excellent way to create an unforgettable evening with your significant other. Is there a better way to enjoy holidays like Valentine’s Day than retreating to your own private getaway and enjoying a warm, romantic soak under the stars?


As the day of hearts comes around each year, it’s time to decorate your hot tub area and create the right mood where you can step into the warm water, and enjoy each other’s company. Stir up some romance the when the hot tub covers are pulled off, and your warm and bubbly oasis is the center of the show.


Valentine’s Day hot tub ideas

Don’t follow what every other couple does on Valentine’s Day. Since you have the advantage of what is in your backyard – privacy and a luxurious hot tub. 


1) Create an intimate ambiance – The perfect hot tub date should have all the “trappings” – the candles, soft ambient lights, flowers, and soothing background music consisting of love songs. Start with some candles strategically placed around the area. Take a step further by investing some twinkling LED lights to complement your hot tub. Then, set up a portable Bluetooth speaker to play some romantic music while keeping your phone safe and dry. 


Another great idea is to add headrests for laying back and letting the warm bubbles swirl around you. Don’t forget to include fuzzy towels, cozy robes, and comfortable slippers to make sure no one slips on the wet surfaces.


To add an even more romantic touch, add a path of rose petals from the entrance to the hot tub. Aromatherapy oils will add some more indulgence to your hot tub date night. Essential oils like lavender, rose, and spearmint will soothe the senses, add comfort, and promote healing. 


2) Add simple or unique gifts – What’s a Valentine’s Day without sharing gifts? But the gifts don’t have to be expensive or ultra-luxurious. Look for simple ways to show your love like a bouquet of your partner’s favorite flowers. You can also give a small box of chocolates along with a bottle of bubbly drink and tall glasses. 


Or surprise your partner with non-traditional gifts, such as concert tickets, a spa gift set, or something that your partner will really like (such as coffee beans or coffee-scented candles if your partner loves coffee). Or, get creative in your gift-giving with handmade crafts with a personalized touch. No matter what kind of gift, it’s the thought that counts!


3) Plan a simple but tasty meal – You don’t have to whip up a seven-course meal to keep up with the romantic theme. Instead, think about simple and tasty meal you both enjoy. Preparing these meals by yourselves is another great way to improve your bond and spend more quality time together.


These meals could be a couple of steaks or seared tuna and asparagus. Refreshing fruits like berries, grapes, and melons are a preference for a romantic hot tub meal. And of course, serve up some refreshments like cocktails or champagne. And while sipping some sparkling wine might seem romantic, alcohol of any type should be consumed with care. You may have to wait until you are done soaking, before partaking.


4) Have your hot tub ready – While you’re all agog over decorating your hot tub area for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to set the proper controls in your hot tub so that it will be ready and waiting for you. 


Moreover, performing regular maintenance on your hot tub saves you from having to spend a lot of time cleaning up the area. Be sure to check the water’s pH levels and adjust as needed. Using a quality aluminum hot tub cover will keep your hot tub in tip-top shape because these durable and long-lasting covers keep the water in and debris out.


Aluminum replacement hot tub covers – keep love alive with cleaner water

A soak in a hot tub on Valentine’s Day, or any regular day, will open the door to intimacy. It’s a wonderful way to share time with your loved one in an intimate, comfortable, and private environment. With a hot tub, you can make any ordinary day Valentine’s Day, and it could be the beginning of a yearly tradition with long-lasting memories.


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