Make Your Hot Tub into Your At-Home Spa

2 Panel Spa Cover TanHave you ever dreamed of setting off to a mountain adventure to spend a day of pampering at a spa? Hot tubs are such wonderful things to have. Visions of candle-lit decks, fluffy towels, foam and rose petals floating on the hot tub water, and soothing music would often preoccupy your minds as you go by with your day-to-day routine. Soaking yourself in a hot tub makes it all feel rewarding after a hard day’s work.

But why do you have to pay expensive fees for a day at a commercial spa when you can experience the same level of relaxation every day – right in your own backyard? By having your own hot tub, you can create your personal watery oasis!

There are many advantages of owning a hot tub in your home. It is a perfect bonding place for you and your family, and you will be able to share the relaxing spa experience with your friends and neighbors. And of course, you can enjoy the healthful benefits of soaking in a hot tub at any time you wish.

We at Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers understand your desire of creating your dream spa experience. We build our covers to protect your hot tub from dirt, weather, kids, and pets. The next time you are looking for a replacement spa cover to last, choose us and keep your watery oasis well-protected for many years.

6 Ways to Create Your Own At-Home Spa Retreat

You can recreate the relaxing commercial spa experience in your own home by transforming your hot tub area into an at-home spa. Here are the ways to achieve it:

  • Put some stacks of fresh, fluffy towels at hand – Make sure that these towels (as well as bathrobes and slippers) are within reach of the hot tub. That way, you can easily have access to them to wrap yourself up warmly after a dip.
  • Build a living plant wall – Spruce your up hot tub area by building a living plant wall. It provides a natural way to provide privacy. You can also use a section of privacy fencing with a variety of plants hanging in pots. There is always the Internet to look for more creative ideas.
  • Create the scent of the spa – Aromatic scents will soothe and relax your senses. Choose plants that have fragrant flowers to surround your hot tub area, or place oil diffusers and candles that are infused with aromatherapy essences.
  • Set up comfortable chairs – Recreate the comfort of a spa with comfortable outdoor chairs to lounge back after a soak in the tub. You can also take this opportunity to soak your feet and give them a bit extra TLC.
  • Create the taste of the spa with drinks and light snacks – Serve your favorite beverages (such as water infused with lemon and mint) and light but flavorful finger foods as you luxuriate in the bath.
  • Set up a DIY treatment area – A spa experience will not be complete without those satisfying facials! Prepare an area with chairs, cloths, mirrors, and DIY facial masks and facial scrubs. Before or after a soak, luxuriate yourself further with facial treatments to open your pores and take the years off your face.

Hot Tub Replacement Covers for Your At-Home Spa

A well-maintained and well-protected hot tub provides more opportunities to enjoy a spa experience right in your own backyard. You can do that by investing in an aluminum cover that will provide protection for your hot tub and security against accidents. At Be-Lite Spa Covers, our goal is to make sure that your investment is protected.

We will create a custom-fit cover in colors of your choice that will go perfectly with your at-home spa environment. Our team of specialists will help you find the right cover size for your hot tub, and even walk you through the proper steps for a custom fit. You can even try our template designer that will help you in taking the correct steps for your custom fit.

Contact our team today for your unique, custom made, aluminum replacement hot tub cover online or call us at 707-864-8919.

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