New Year Resolution – Keep Up on Hot Tub Maintenance

New Year Resolution - Keep Up on Hot Tub MaintenanceEvery the first of January, millions worldwide set out to change their lives. Popular new year’s resolutions revolve around losing weight, changing diets, dedicating more time to family, and other things to help them become better versions of themselves.


Who doesn’t want to be healthy and reconnect with their loved ones? If you already own a hot tub, you may want to maximize its use to boost your health and improve relationships. But if proper maintenance is not on the agenda, you may frequently end up with murky water and the need for a replacement hot tub cover.


Including regular hot tub maintenance in your new year’s resolution list would be good. Setting up a schedule will make your hot tub maintenance easier and more convenient to follow.


Regular and proper maintenance will keep your hot tub running smoothly and prevent costly repairs. When you choose to take care of your hot tub, you can be sure that it will work as it needs to, making your overall spa experience more enjoyable and satisfying.


Steps to make hot tub maintenance easier

Before sinking into the warm water, follow the steps below to ensure that your spa is ready for use all year long:


1) Start by making daily inspections on your hot tub 

Walk around the basin and look at it for any signs of damage. The signs might include tree limbs or heavy debris on your cover. Make sure that the lid is completely sealed and latched and that there’s no water, snow, or ice buildup. 


Also, don’t forget to check your water’s temperature. A hot tub provides hot water consistently. No one wants to step into a spa that’s too cold, but no one also wants to climb into one that’s too hot. During your daily inspections, look at the thermometer. If you notice a significant change of more than a few degrees, your heater may have a problem.


2) Add a couple of steps a few times a week

Test your spa water’s pH and sanitizer balance twice a week. You want to ensure that the chemicals are in the proper levels, so your hot tub is safe to use. Adjust the levels as necessary. 


Routine testing helps you stay on top of things and prevents potential damage to your spa. Perform further maintenance by wiping the inside of your basin above the water line to prevent buildup from affecting the water’s pH balance.


3) Check the water levels a few times per week

Checking the water levels is something that many hot tub owners need to remember.


The water level must be slightly higher in the middle of the skimmer intake. If the water level goes below the skimmer, the skimmer starts to suck in air instead of water and, therefore, could cause damage to the pump. Adding water to keep your hot tub sufficiently full is a good idea. But if the water goes too high above the skimmer, it will overflow your spa, so keep an eye on the water levels as you fill your hot tub.


4) Every other week, include the filter on your inspection checklist

Clean the filter with a garden hose. You would replace the filters yearly, but it also depends on how frequently you use your hot tub. That’s why it’s advisable to check your filter every one to two weeks to see if it needs cleaning or replacement.


5) Complete a wipe-down at least once a month

Every month, grab a cloth and cleaner and wipe down the hot tub shell, spa cabinets, and spa cover. Of course, the more frequently you use your spa, the more necessary it is to clean it.


6) Do a complete drain and refill every quarter

Manufacturers recommend draining and refilling your hot tub every 3 to 4 months, depending on your usage, to keep the spa thoroughly clean. 


Maintain cleanliness with an aluminum replacement hot tub cover

Maintaining your hot tub is easier when you do it in small but steady steps.


Another way to help your bubbly oasis stay clean and ready to use is a replacement hot tub cover from Be-Lite Aluminum spa covers. Our strong and durable covers seal entirely to keep the water and heat in and keep the debris, animals, and playful kids out. You can use our template designer to guide you through the correct steps and achieve the perfect fit for your hot tub. Call us today if you have questions regarding finding the right cover design for your hot tub – we’d be happy to help!


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