Plan a Romantic Staycation Any Time of the Year

Nowadays everyone's idea of summer is spending some fun time at one own's outdoor oasis. During this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many families have opted to spend their summers at home. Instead of having to fret over the stress that comes with traveling, especially in this uncertain climate, choose to have a summer staycation. If there is any good thing about this pandemic, it's bringing families together. While you are gearing up for your summer staycation, you might as well refresh the look of your backyard space into an outdoor oasis that you and your family will enjoy. Spruce up your outdoor paradise with a few accessories and a new hot tub cover from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers. We offer the best choice of toppers for your hot tub or spa. 12 Must-Have Hot Tub Accessories This article features some of the best products to enhance your summer hot tub fun from patio furniture to pool toys. 1) Steps If your hot tub is more free-standing than fixed or confined to an existing deck, there's no better and safer way to get in and out of it than a solid set of hot tub steps. Installing steps can reduce or avoid the number of accidents (and potential mishaps) during the summer. You can either order ready-to-use hot tub steps online or flex your DIY skills to build your own. 2) Storage cabinet Another way to enhance your backyard luxury is to have a storage cabinet. There is no need to track water in and out of your home when you have a storage cabinet at the hot tub area. Use it to store towels, bathrobes, cup holders, toys, and other fun hot tub items. 3) Towel warmer Soaking in the hot tub during the end of the day is relaxing. But once you step out of the hot tub, the cool summer breeze may make you shiver a little. Grab a freshly-warmed towel from the towel warmer to fend off the coolness in the air. 4) Choose an easier maintenance While maintaining your hot tub is essential to keep it in good shape, most people dread doing it every week. Instead, choose options that make maintenance easier. For example, choose several options on removing scum, pH pods, and cartridges that generate the proper amount of chlorine to sanitize the water. 5) Cup holders Keep your beverages close by using stable cup holders to stay yourself hydrated while having your hot tub fun. 6) Bath pillow Chilling by the pool will be more relaxing by leaning on one of those bath pillows. They will help prevent yourself from craning your neck and bumping your head as you are about to settle and relax in your hot tub. 7) Aromatherapy Relaxing in your hot tub is an experience for the senses. Arouse your sense of smell by using essential oils that can be therapeutic and soothing, especially when mixed with hot water. 8) Lighting Whether you want to turn your hot tub area into a relaxation destination or a vibrant party place, some mood lighting will enhance your backyard and set the desired atmosphere. 9) Speakers It would help if you had some quiet music or music to rev up the hot tub party. Look for specialized water-proof speakers for your hot tub, such as floating speakers (some units come with lighting). 10) Side umbrella You don't want to feel overheated while sitting in warm water on a hot summer day. You don't have to resort to only soaking during sunset if you install a side umbrella. 11) Sturdy cover While you're enjoying your hot tub, protect it between uses with aluminum hot tub covers from Be-Lite. Our sturdy covers can withstand all types of weather and weight, including kids, pets, and snow load. 12) Cover lift A good cover lift makes taking a dip in your tub much more relaxed. It can also function as a temporary privacy wall to make your hot tub setting more secluded when lifted. Protect your hot tub and make new memories with a custom-fit cover! It makes no sense to update your hot tub area if you are not going to protect it. Protective measures such as covering your hot tub when not in use will extend its useful life. A Be-Lite Spa Cover not only covers your hot tub, but it can also hold up under pressure to give the best protection to your investment. They also come in a variety of colors. Use our template designer to take the correct steps for your custom fit. Please call us with any questions – we are happy to help! Count on us to help make this year's staycation full of fun and good memories. Contact us today for a custom-made hot tub cover online or by calling 707-864-8919.Whether it’s February – the “love month” – or any time of the year, it’s always better when married and romantic couples spend more time together. Each year, couples spend millions of dollars on cards, chocolates, flowers, or a romantic getaway around the country or overseas. But because of the current pandemic and budget constraints, many couples would opt to spend their special day at home or have a quick getaway somewhere nearby.

If you plan to have a romantic date without leaving home, make it extra special. Forget about the household cares for a while and spend a fun and relaxing evening by removing the Jacuzzi cover and soaking in a hot tub. Light the candles or turn on soft lights, start the love songs playlist, and serve some refreshments with a cold bottle of champagne and snacks. Or plan a romantic movie date to enhance your hot tub experience.

Enjoy moments of romance from your watery oasis when you make regular maintenance a priority. Don’t forget to keep out the debris when you use Be-Lite Spa’s hot tub covers. Our spa covers keep your watery oasis clean. They even hold up to kids, pets, and heavy snow if you live in an area that has snow. They will add years to your hot tub use. We can even customize yours to fit your outdoor décor.

Plan for a romantic hot tub date night at home

Even if you use your hot tub on a daily basis, you can still create a new hot tub experience with some creative planning. Your hot tub will set the perfect scene for a fun and romantic evening with your loved one.

1) Create a comfortable and intimate space
Think of things that will make the area more inviting and comfortable. Add some mood lighting such as candles, soft lights, or a fire pit. Place comfortable seating near the hot tub and plush towels and robes that can be easily accessed. There are many amenities that can enhance your romantic hot tub experience.

2) Create a romantic playlist

What’s a romantic date night without some love songs playing in the background? You can choose either a pre-made romantic playlist on Spotify or another streaming service. Or create your own playlist by choosing your favorite tracks. If you have an advanced entertainment system, it will be all the better!

3) Plan a romantic hot tub movie night

Mount a flat-screen TV or set up a projector and sound system to transform your hot tub area into a hot tub cinema. It’s better if you have discussed with your date which movie or movies to watch. They don’t have to be necessarily romantic – you and your date may choose comedy for hearty laughs, action-fantasy films, or any other movie genre that you both like.

4) Don’t forget the refreshments!

Include some great hot tub drinks such as cold bottles of water, champagne, cocktails, and blended drinks. Serve up some cold appetizers and finger foods. Cucumbers, grapes, carrots, various cheese and crackers, and popsicles are good hot tub food suggestions.

Make Romantic Staycations Possible all Year with a Be-Lite Spa Cover.

Keep the romance in the air all year long when you plan regular time together. Staycations are perfect to bond and reconnect with your significant other without the hassles of coordinating flights, rental cars, and hotels. Having a hot tub in your own backyard is a plus! Make yours the romantic watery oasis that your heart desires with a custom-sized jacuzzi cover.

Our team of cover specialists will work with you to find the right size and walk you through the steps for a custom fit. We even provide a template designer for added convenience.

Contact us today if you need a custom-made Jacuzzi cover by going online or by calling us at 707-864-8919.

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