Set Up for a Fun Halloween Party in the Hot Tub

Set Up for a Fun Halloween Party in the Hot TubWho says the fun is over after summer ends? For a lot of people, the fun starts in the fall season. With the weather starting to cool down and leaves turning beautiful hues of yellow, orange, red, and gold, you know what that means! The holidays are coming round the corner, starting with the Halloween season.

For many people, fall is the start of the hot tub season. With the temperatures cooling down, they make perfect conditions for a warm, relaxing soak at any time of the day.

Since Halloween is one of the most fun celebrations of the year, it makes perfect sense to set up a Halloween-themed hot tub party!

But before you bring out the candy and caramel apples, remember to treat yourself to a more efficient spa with hot tub covers from Be-Lite. We specialize in aluminum spa covers that keep your water clean and provide protection against accidental drowning. Our spa covers also help retain heat, preventing your watery oasis from using too much energy while keeping your water warm.

Ideas to pull off a fun Halloween hot tub party

1) Prepare your hot tub – Nothing is scarier than a grime-covered hot tub! Fall is the best time to conduct a thorough cleaning. If you haven’t thoroughly cleaned, drained, and refilled your hot tub over the summer, why not take the time to do it as well? A clean and pristine hot tub is the perfect way to welcome the holiday season!

2) Put up decorations – Turn your hot tub into a ghoulishly fun place! For the “bloody massacre” theme, set the LED lights to red color and add submersible LED lights to the water for a blood-like appearance.

Or turn your bubbling hot tub into a “witch’s cauldron” by switching your LED lighting to green or purple. Add some toy frogs and eyeballs to complete the theme!

3) Set up a Halloween-themed snack table – Food and refreshments are usually the central gathering point of any party, so why not set up a snack table around the hot tub? As it is a Halloween hot tub party, serve Halloween-themed drinks and snacks. Pinterest is a good source for Halloween-inspired party food, such as “bloody witch fingers” and green or orange punch decorated with “eyeballs.”

4) Play eerie background music or movies – October makes the perfect excuse to play eerie music or movies. Create a playlist of eerie background music or start a “scary movie night” by putting out a stack of horror films from which your guests can choose. If you don’t have an outdoor TV, you can set up your own DIY outdoor screen and position it in front of the hot tub.

5) Play games or tell “spooky” stories – Challenge your guests to use some brainpower to create new words out of Halloween terms. Or grab a waterproof flashlight and share scary tales – it is a great way to wrap up the party!

Keep your tub safe with Be-Lite Spa Covers

As the party ends and your guests leave, don’t forget to seal your hot tub with an aluminum cover from Be-Lite Spa Covers. Our aluminum covers stand up to rainwater, snow load, pets, and kids. They are built to last and are custom designed. We would love to help you find the perfect cover for your spa! Use our template designer to take the correct steps for your custom fit. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions – we are happy to make your Halloween party even more fun!

Learn more about our custom-made hot tub covers by contacting us online, or by calling at 707-864-8919.

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