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It’s Fall! Dress Up Your Hot Tub for Pumpkin Spice Season

As the leaves begin to change their color and the air becomes cool and crisp, it’s the perfect time to prepare your hot tub for the fall season. One thing you may consider doing is replacing hot tub covers along with adding fall touches to the hot tub area. Fall is also the … Continue Reading →

Are Salt Water Hot Tubs Better for You?

So, you’re about to buy a new hot tub – congratulations! You will look forward to a whole new world of relaxation, enjoyment, and health benefits. There are many other things to consider before purchasing a new hot tub – a salt water hot tub or a chlorine system. Which water purification … Continue Reading →

5 Benefits of Using a Hot Tub Cover

5 Benefits of Using a Hot Tub Cover

Nothing compares to the feeling of coming home to a hot tub awaiting you. Turn on the soft lights and put on some soothing music to before hopping into a tub of warm, bubbling water. The warm water and the massaging action of the hot tub jets soothe your tense muscles, easing … Continue Reading →