Throw a Pool Party with a Difference – Hot Tub Entertaining Ideas

The warm breeze of the summer season means it’s time to enjoy outdoor picnics, baseball, barbecues, and awesome pool parties! Spending a day in the pool or the hot tub is not just a way of cooling yourself from the sweltering summer heat, but it is also another way to have fun with your family and friends.

Hosting pool and hot tub parties are a fun way to relax and build relationships with your family and friends. Pool parties are some of the most favorite summer activities, so you want to have your hot tub prepared for the big event.

Aside from making your list of food, drinks, and party favors and preparing a certain theme for your summer pool party, don’t forget to prepare your spa or hot tub with a good cleaning. If you are still using your old vinyl spa cover and it looks like it is worn out, why not replace it with custom-designed aluminum cover from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers? It is durable, will outlast your vinyl spa cover and protects your spa or hot tub better.

 Tips for an awesome hot tub party

Entertaining guests at a hot tub party is a lot of work… but it is a fun one! Like all other parties, a successful hot tub party starts with the right planning. Consider these tips and turn your backyard into a fun summer party place:

1. Clean your hot tub – Cleaning your hot tub regularly will keep it in its good working condition. The more often you give your hot tub good upkeep, the more chances of hot tub fun! If you haven’t cleaned your hot tub yet, now is the right time to start a regular cleaning and maintenance.

2. Provide plenty of fluids for the guests – It is worth noting that people can be become dehydrated by soaking themselves in the water, most of all in a hot tub. Plan for a variety of drinks and keep them at hand, such as water, iced tea, and lemonade. If you are serving alcoholic drinks, ask your guests to soak in the hot tub first before sipping liquor to lessen the chances of a hangover.

3. Have extra towels and swimsuits ready – Some guests may forget to bring their towels and swimsuits, so it’s best to keep a fresh stack of them handy.

4. Think up other activities – Not every guest will want to go into the hot tub, and even if they do, they would not probably stay in it for a long time. So provide other fun activities such as board games, card games, and other parlor games to keep the party rolling, or watch a movie together.

5. Make the ambiance more relaxing for guests – Create a chill ambiance by playing soft music in the background. Encourage your guests to bring their favorite tunes, so everyone can enjoy the music they love.

 6. Serve food to your guests – You should provide not just drinks for your guests, but also sustenance! Whether you serve a full course meal or finger foods to nibble on, these comestibles will keep your guests’ bellies full!

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