Tips to Making Your First Hot Tub Last for Years to Come

Tips to Making Your First Hot Tub Last for Years to Come

We know the feeling the moment you have purchased and brought home your very first hot tub. You are quite excited and looking forward to fun nights and relaxing evenings.

Just like purchasing a brand-new car, having a brand-new hot tub requires continual maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape as much as possible in the years to come. However, some owners may forget this.

6 Maintenance Tips for First-Time Hot-Tub Owners

Consider these tips to get more mileage from your brand-new hot tub:

1. Get cozy with your hot tub

You want to get to know with your new hot tub. It means checking on your spa, reading instruction manuals, and talking with your dealer. Take notes of the controls and learn where they are and what each of them does.

Learn and familiarize the features of your hot tub and some essential terms and information, such as its model and serial number. Your dealer will need them to provide service.

2. Circulate the water

When it comes to using your hot tub, be reminded that the more you run it, the cleaner the water will be. A hot tub has warm water, which remains stagnant when you don’t run the hot tub. When the water is stagnating, it is not moving – as a result, it will be the perfect breeding ground for germs, bacteria, insects, algae, etc. To prevent any of these contaminants from getting to your hot tub water, you have to keep circulating it.

Circulating the water will also help distribute your sanitation products, keeping your water balanced.

3. Check the pH levels every week

You also have to manage your hot tub’s chemistry every week. The ideal pH level is between 7.4 and 7.6. When it falls below 7.4, the water becomes acidic, leading to hardware corrosion and irritated skin. If it goes above 7.6, the sanitizing products in the water may be ineffective, leading to cloudy water.

4. Mind the filters

The purpose of filters is to keep the dirt out of your hot tub. The simplest and the ideal way to maintain the condition of the filters is rinsing them as often as possible. If there is a heavy dirt build-up, use a cleaner to give it a deeper clean, and soak it in a chemical cleaning solution every time you drain your tub. When the filters wear out, replace them right away.

5. Clean your hot tub every week

Take time each week to clean your hot tub. Scrub the basin to remove dirt build-up. Remove dry leaves, branches, and any other debris that gets blown into the hot tub. Clean and wipe the shell and the jets. You also have to inspect your vinyl hot tub cover, whether it needs cleaning, repair, or replacement. If it does require a replacement, exchange it with an aluminum replacement cover for additional protection and enhanced safety.

6. Purchase a quality hot tub cover

When it’s time to replace your existing hot tub cover with a new one, consider a custom spa cover from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers for added protection and longevity to your hot tub and enhanced safety. Our product provides you complete peace of mind because it is made to last. It can handle abuse quite well against including your pet cat’s sharp claws or the jagged edges of a fallen branch. Your kid can’t fall through it. Even a heavy load of snowfall won’t damage it. It can also reduce the evaporation of water, heat, and chemicals.

Enjoy years of Hot Tub Fun and Relaxation with Added Protection from Be-Lite Spa Covers.

Choose a custom-designed aluminum spa cover from Be-Lite with the perfect color to go with your spa environment. Use our template designer to take the correct steps for your custom fit. Questions? Call us! We are always happy to help.

Be sure to contact our team if you would like a custom-made replacement hot tub covers. You can contact us online or give us a call at 707-864-8919.

Keep the hot water flowing and having a great time for years to come by following the maintenance tips above.

Contact our team today for custom-made replacement hot tub covers online or call us at 707-864-8919.

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