Useful Tips for Winterizing Your Spa

Many owners choose to keep their spas up and running all year round. After all, is there a better way to warm up on cold winter evenings than a soak in a hot tub?

However, only some find stepping out of the warm water and the crisp air hitting the skin appealing. So, if this describes you, deciding to close down your spa for the winter season makes perfect sense. This article shows you how to winterize a hot tub properly. Don’t worry – it is pretty easy. Shutting your spa down for the long winter season ensures that things will be ready when you remove the hot tub cover next season.

So, what happens if you choose not to winterize your spa?

There are dire consequences if you don’t shut down your spa properly for the long winter months. Cold temperatures can cause serious damage to your spa if you do not adequately protect it. The plumbing lines may be the most affected by the freezing temperatures.

11 Steps to Winterize your Spa

  1. Get your tools ready – Grab the tools needed for winterizing your spa, such as a garden hose, sump pump, shop vac, filter soak, filter cleaner, hot tub cleaner, non-abrasive sponges, and soft towels or cloths.
  2. Let the chemicals dissipate – Hot tubs have chlorines and other sanitizing chemicals harmful to plants and wildlife. Don’t release the water out onto the yard yet. Allow the chemicals in the water to dissipate in the air for a few days. Then, check the water’s chemical levels to ensure it is safe before draining the hot tub.
  3. Shut off the GFCI breaker – You want to make sure there’s absolutely no power getting to your spa and make the entire procedure safe.
  4. Drain the water from the tub – After you’ve determined the chemicals in the water have dissipated, drain your hot tub. Remove the drain cap and attach a garden hose to the drain spout. You can also use a sump pump to release the water more quickly.
  5. Loosen unions on the heaters and pumps – Open your spa’s access panel and find the pumps and heater. Loosen the unions on the pumps and heaters to let the water drain from the lines. Do this again on all pump unions if your spa has more than one.
  6. Remove the water from the lines – It’s best to use a shop vac to help discharge all the water. Insert the shop vac into each drain, the jet face, suction, union, and filter cavity, and suck out all water.
  7. Clean the filters – Winterizing your spa is the perfect time to remove and clean the filters. Once you remove the filters, spray them with a garden hose and use a fast-acting filter cleaner to clean off any dirt build-up gently. Since you will store the filters for months, you may also want to use them in a chemical soak.
  8. Replace drain plugs on pumps – Once all the water is gone from the lines and pumps, replace drain plugs. Tighten all unions and make sure all gate valves are open.
  9. Add hot tub antifreeze – Pour one gallon of hot tub antifreeze into each pump and another gallon into the filter cavity.
  10. Replace your spa’s access panel.
  11. Close your spa with a hot tub cover – After all the hard work of winterizing your hot tub, put the cover back on. If you’re still using a worn-out vinyl cover, now would be the perfect time to replace it with a sturdy aluminum cover to keep your spa completely secure during winter.

Get your hot tub season ready by winterizing it now.

Winterizing your spa seems like an overwhelming process. However, you can do these 11 easy steps in no time. It is also the perfect time to replace old and worn vinyl covers with new aluminum covers from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers. They can keep your hot tub clean while serving as a barrier against pets and children. They look beautiful on your hot tub, too. 

Need a custom hot tub cover fit? Use our template designer, which will guide you through the correct steps. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call us – we are glad to help!

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