Ways to Use the Water from Your Hot Tub

What better way to beat physical and mental weariness after a long day than soaking yourself in the warm waters of your hot tub? As the jets make the bubbles swirl around you, all of your worries and cares quickly dissipate, only to be replaced by relaxation and bliss.

However, you’ll enjoy more hours of relaxation and fun if you do regular maintenance to your hot tub, as well as use aluminum hot tub covers. Apart from keeping your hot tub water clean and warm, aluminum hot tub covers also protect children and pets from falling into the water. Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers understand your needs to conserve hot tub water and to encourage hot tub safety. Thus, we have the right cover waiting to get years out of your hot tub.

Four uses for used hot tub water

Reduce, reuse and recycle your hot tub water. Owners typically replace their hot tub water every 90 to 120 days (which is about to three to four months). When the water becomes dull and cloudy at this point, it may be deemed unhealthy and unsafe to use any longer.

Responsible hot tub owners know and understand that a hot tub needs to be drained, cleaned and refilled. The idea of spilling gallons of used hot tub water all over your lawn is not only daunting. It can also become a punishable offense, with fines that will spur an incentive to extend the period between hot tub water changes.

Here are the four ways to recycle or re-purpose hot tub water, so that you don’t have to drain it every so often:

1. Water your plants

Hot tub water makes a good choice for watering your plants, as long as you leave your hot tub open for three days. The reason for this is to allow the chlorine or bromine to dissipate, and by then you can adjust the pH level so that it reaches a range between 7 to 8. You can store the water to other containers or use a submersible pump to water your plants.

Do note, though, that some plants are highly tolerant of chlorinated water, while others are not. So it is still best to open the cover of your hot tub and leave it open until the chlorine or bromine dissipates.

If you have used saltwater for your hot tub, find out whether or not some of your garden plants can tolerate salt before spraying.

 2. Wash your car or boat

For this purpose, you will need a submersible pump and a long garden hose to reach your garage or driveway. Wet down your car or boat, and place the hose on the lawn when you are doing the scrubbing so that your lawn will get a little water. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. After scrubbing your car or boat, rinse it down thoroughly.

3. Wash your decks or driveways

You can re-use your old hot tub water to wash down your decks or driveways, as well as cleaning and rinsing outdoor furniture. Just like in washing your car or boat, you will need a submersible pump and a long hose to help with this job.

 4. Flush your toilets

You may not have to do this every day. Instead, if your region has implemented water restrictions, you can pour the water into your toilet to flush it. Consider that 400-gallon water from your hot tub will be able to do about 250 flushes, which could be advantageous.

Important reminder: always check your homeowners’ association or local municipality regarding rules and restrictions in handling used water that comes from your hot tub. It is always better to follow the laws than to end up paying hefty fines for violating these laws.

Include aluminum hot tub covers in your water conservation

Recycling, re-using and conservation should be your priority especially if you own a hot tub. Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers offers a wide range of sizes and design options to fit most tastes. If you are looking for the right size, our specialists are ready to walk you through the proper steps for a custom fit. We even have a template designer for additional convenience.

Contact our team today for your unique, custom-made hot tub covers online or call us at 707-864-8919.

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