When Is It Time to Replace Your Spa Cover?

Your hot tub cover is more than an appealing accessory in your home. It is an incredible luxury offering several opportunities to relax by yourself and bond with family and friends.

A hot tub may be considered a luxury. It’s a must-have for anyone who craves relaxation after a long day or much-needed hydrotherapy in the privacy of their home. That’s why a hot tub is considered an investment. And as an investment, it is essential to do everything to keep it working for the many years to come. That’s why you should allot your time cleaning the outside cabinet or the water filters and checking the water’s pH levels.

As you’re conducting regular cleaning and maintenance to your hot tub, don’t forget the hot tub cover! It is an essential piece of your watery oasis that deserves to be taken care of properly. It is instrumental to the long useful life of your hot tub.

As long as you give Jacuzzi hot tub covers a little extra attention and care, they will last for many years to come.

But how could you tell that your hot tub cover needs to be replaced?

While you cannot expect a spa cover to last forever, you can expect it to last for many years. You will see signs of wear and tear after time passes and the sun’s rays have beaten down to it. That’s why it’s a good habit to check your hot tub cover once a month and look for the signs that it’s time to get a new one.

How to know when to replace your hot tub cover?

Here are a couple of ways to tell it’s time to replace your jacuzzi hot tub cover:

  1. Wear and tear – If you see signs of wear and tear such as cracks, tears, breaks, fading, or sagging on your hot tub cover, it may no longer serve its useful purpose in protecting your watery oasis from the outside elements. The sun’s UV rays and harsh winter weather can wreak havoc. If your cover has dry or brittle textures or holes, it’s time to replace it.
  2. Waterlog – Vinyl covers have a vapor barrier that protects your hot tub from evaporation. The inner foam absorbs the water when the vapor barrier breaks down, resulting in waterlogging. It can also cause bacteria and mildew to grow and thrive. The absorbed water can hasten the breakdown of your hot tub’s other parts.

Tips to extend the life of your hot tub cover.

Now that you’ve replaced your old cover with a new and durable aluminum cover, here are some suggestions to prolong its useful life:

  • Clean it regularly with water and mild detergent. Use a large sponge to scrub things down on the outside. To clean the inside of the cover, a brief hosing down with water and wiping it down with a clean and dry towel will do. If you try to clean the cover with solvents, it’s better to seek a recommendation from a manufacturer.
  • Leave the hot tub open after treating the water. Don’t use your cover to seal the hot tub after treating the water. The chemicals used in treating the water need some air to mix properly. After adding these chemicals, leave the hot tub open for at least half an hour.
  • Do some maintenance. Your new aluminum cover will require some maintenance. Make sure to replace the hinge as needed, fix or replace the bulb seal, and reseal the edges.

Find the perfect fit for your customized aluminum jacuzzi hot tub covers

When it’s time to replace your worn-out cover with a new one, look for Be-Lite Aluminum Covers. They are durable for weather, kids, and pets yet retain water and heat. We will make a custom-fit cover in your preferred color that’s perfect for your area. We even offer a template designer to help you take the correct steps for your custom fit. Check it out and give us a call – we are happy to help!

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