Why Should You Own a Spa Cover?

After a long, hard day, enjoying a soak in a hot tub may be the therapy you need to relax and unwind. The hot water and jets massage away the cares of the day.

Relaxation is on the priority list for people who purchase a hot tub. But you know that owning one also entails responsibility. Regular cleaning, maintenance, and water testing will mean longer and more relaxing soaks for many years to come. But all the carefully scheduled cleaning, maintenance, and water testing will mean nothing if the hot tub is not covered when not in use.

Sure, there are vinyl hot tub covers, but they don’t offer adequate protection to your hot tub. Aluminum hot tub covers do precisely what you need. They protect your watery oasis, ensuring it is always available when you need it. Knowing that you can use your hot tub for years, you should always protect it with a sturdy cover.

Below are three reasons to invest in a custom aluminum hot tub cover:

  1. Safety and protection – An aluminum hot tub cover protect your basin from dirt, debris, weather, and even pets and children. You do not want to see your child or beloved pet getting hurt, or worse, because they climbed on a flimsy vinyl cover. A durable aluminum hot tub cover prevents that. It will also protect your hot tub’s parts and components from nature’s unwanted elements.
  2. Clean water – Since the aluminum cover protects your basin from dirt and debris, you will always come home to a hot tub all ready for soaking. The cover keeps your water clean and pristine, which means longer and more relaxing soaks without the tedious job of cleaning it.
  3. Save money – Investments in a hot tub can be pricey at first, but they will save you money down the road. First, your hot tub will become energy-efficient, which means significant savings on water and electricity bills. Second, the cover will trap heat inside, keeping the water warm. Using a cover means you won’t have to re-heat the water every time you soak. And finally, a hot tub cover prevents evaporation, so you don’t have to refill your basin as often.

Isn’t it time that you should protect your investment with another investment?

Enjoy years of soaking with added protection from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover. Our covers are built to last. They are two inches thick and feature R-12 insulation. They are built to withstand debris, snow, summer heat, and damage by animals. The inner foam core prevents unpleasant, mildew-driven odor caused by the water soaking in it. Our covers also come with a triple-sealed inner foam core to prevent contamination from bugs and rodents. When you’re looking for safety, hygiene, and unparalleled durability, there’s nothing better to protect your watery oasis than a Be-Lite aluminum cover.

Our covers are custom designed. We are ready to help you find the best cover for your hot tub. You can use our template designer to guide you through the correct steps for a custom-fitting cover. We can also assist you in finding the best cover color to fit your home and décor.

You invested in your health and well-being by purchasing a hot tub. It makes sense to protect your spa You can do that by giving us a call today!

Contact our team today for hot tub covers online, or call 707-864-8919.

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