You Can Take It with You! How to Safely Move Your Spa

Set Up for a Fun Halloween Party in the Hot TubSoaking in a spa or hot tub is quite enjoyable, but moving it is anything but that!

Some people would leave larger, fixed items behind as they move to a new home. But if you don’t want to leave your spa behind, it is possible to move your aquatic haven with you to your new home, set it up, and have more years of enjoyment and relaxation.

Moving a spa or hot tub to your new home can be pretty awkward and intimidating. Its odd shape, huge size, and heft (even when empty) make moving it a real challenge, and you cannot do it yourself. You may have to call your friends or new neighbors to help lift it and place it in its new location. But first of all, you want to make sure that your spa should be safe and good enough before moving it to your new abode. Once you have placed your hot tub in its new location and set it up again, remember to protect it with a new replacement aluminum hot tub cover from a reputable manufacturer.

Here are the five steps to safely move your hot tub:

Step 1: Disconnect the power supply.

Go to the breaker switch inside the circuit box and turn the switch to “off.” Some 110v spa models simply require pulling the plug from the wall. For other models directly connected to the power supply, have an electrician or spa service professional disconnect it.

Step 2: Drain the water from the basin.

Find the drain valve, remove the spa cover, connect one end of your regular garden hose to the valve, then run its other end to a suitable drainage spot. Open the spa’s drain valve to release the water. You can also use a submersible water pump in the basin to speed the process up. Please be mindful that it is illegal to dump used water into a storm drain that leads to the ocean in some areas.

Step 3: Clear out the remaining water.

There will still be a puddle of water left in the bottom of the basin that you also want to remove. Use a wet-dry vac to remove the puddle. Switch the vac to “push” mode to clear out any remaining water in the plumbing. This step is beneficial, especially if you’re moving to a new environment where temperatures are below freezing.

Step 4: Clean and inspect your spa.

Take time to clean your hot tub thoroughly and check it for any issues, such as surface scratches, and repair them. You might also want to inspect your spa cover for signs of wear and tear – and if necessary, replace it with a durable and long-lasting aluminum hot tub cover.

Step 5: Move the spa.

After you have taken all the necessary precautions and preparations for your hot tub for relocation, you are ready to move it to its new home! Before getting help for moving it, first take note of its height and width. Compare the height and width of the door and gate openings – both from your old and new home. If the planned path also includes stairs, you will also have to determine its dimensions and make sure that they’re completely cleared before proceeding to transport your hot tub. You may also want to learn to use whatever will make transporting the hot tub easier – a dolly, large piece of cardboard, plywood, or even thick blankets will do. With help from extra hands, tilt the hot tub onto its side and start transporting it. The best way to move a spa safely is to get assistance from a trained spa service professional.

It’s possible to move your wonderful spa when moving to a new home. While you’re at it, it’s the perfect time to replace your current vinyl cover with a new aluminum hot tub cover that will protect your watery haven much better – and much longer. Check out hot tub covers perfect for all seasons from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers. Our dedicated team will assist you to find the right size and color for your hot tub. We even help with getting you that custom fit you want. We encourage you to utilize our template designer for added convenience.

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